- index of references and the years/events where they occur
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p95301/31|| p95321/3|| p95323/3|| p96302/13
p96304/22|| p96305/20|| p96306/17|| p96309/15
p96309/18|| p96311/28|| p96311/29|| p96312/11
p96314/23|| p96319/16|| p96321/4|| p97279/1a
p97281/15|| p97292/1|| p97292/18|| p97292/2
p97293/1|| p97293/2|| p97295/23|| p97298/15
p97299/12|| p98272/1|| p98272/31|| p98274/1
p98274/2|| p98275/1|| p98276/1|| p98278/33
p98280/16|| p98280/3|| p99262/1|| p99264/18
p99265/2|| p99265/2a|| p99266/1|| p99266/4
p99266/5|| p99268/10|| p99270/23|| p99272/31
p100241/27|| p100250/20|| p100251/4|| p100252/1
p100252/2|| p100253/1|| p100253/2|| p100256/2
p100256/25|| p100256/4|| p100258/1|| p100258/13
p100258/14|| p100259/2|| p101221/2|| p101222/10
p101222/2|| p101222/4|| p101224/3|| p101228/9
p101230/2|| p101232/1|| p101232/2|| p101233/3
p101234/1|| p101235/1|| p101240/2|| p101241/28
p102191/24|| p102194/15|| p102194/18|| p102195/18
p102195/19|| p102196/18|| p102196/19|| p102197/28
p103175/14|| p103175/15|| p103177/9|| p103178/5
p103178/6|| p103187/14|| p103187/20|| p103188/11
p103189/21|| p103189/24|| p103191/25|| p104167/23
p104167/24|| p104167/32|| p104172/5|| p104174/11
p104175/16|| p105123/1a|| p105126/10|| p105129/30
p105155/19|| p105155/20|| p105158/10|| p105165/1
p105166/18|| p106111/5|| p106115/8|| p106117/3
p106117/7|| p106119/13|| p106119/14|| p106121/21
p106122/12|| p106122/15|| p107106/8|| p107106/9
p107107/6|| p107110/3|| p10789/49|| p10793/1
p10793/2|| p10798/1|| p10844/13|| p10845/53
p10845/63|| p10854/45|| p10861/24|| p10862/16
p10881/2|| p10881/36|| p10888/50|| p10936/23
p10936/8|| p10938/17|| p10939/1|| p10939/11
p10940/28|| p10941/1|| p10942/17|| p10943/122
p10943/123|| p11034/11|| p11034/13|| p11034/6

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