110 B.C. Olympiad 167.3

Consuls: M. Minucius Q.f. Rufus, Sp. Postumius Albinus
Athenian archon: Polycleitus

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1 ROM {? March -R} The birth of T.Pomponius Atticus.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Att_9.5'1; ~Nepos:Att_7'1, 21'1; { OCD_a.}
2 << Jugurtha procures the murder of the pretender Massiva.
+Sall:Jug_35'1-6; Diod_34.35a'1; ~[Liv]:Per_64; ~Flor_1.36'8; { CAH_9'29.}
3 {1 May -R} The triumph of M.Drusus, over the Scordisci.
#FastTr_p107; { CAH_9'784; OCD_d.}
4 The senate orders Jugurtha to leave Rome, and the war is resumed.
+Sall:Jug_35'7-10; Diod_34.35a'1; ~[Liv]:Per_64; Flor_1.36'18; Appian:Num_1; ~Oros_5.15'5.
5 NUM Jugurtha uses delaying tactics against Albinus.
+Sall:Jug_36'1-4; { CAH_9'29.}
5a MES Document: THI_238, a list of victors in athletic contests at Babylon.
5b CRE << Document: SEG_61.722, a treaty between the Cretan cities of Lyttus and Olous.
5c << Document: SEG_26.1049, a treaty between the Cretan cities of Hierapytna and Lato.
6 CHE ?? Diophantus, general of Mithridates, defeats the Scythians near Chersonesus.
* Read Strabo's account
IOSPE_3.8 (Syll_709); Strab_7'306,(3.17)  '308-310,(4.3-4)  '312;(4.7)  Memn_22'4; Appian:Mith_112; ~Just_37.3'1-2; { CAH_9'139; Green_559<110-107>.}
6a ?? Neoptolemus wins a double victory, in winter and summer, at the Cimmerian Bosporus.
Strab_2'73,(1.16)  '307;(3.18)  { probably soon after the victories of Diophantus.}
7 EGY << Document: PTeb_77, a report by Petesuchus on a plot of land near Cerceosiris.
8 {Thoth -E = Oct.} Document: PTeb_53, a petition from Horus to Petesuchus.
9 ROM The tribunes P.Lucullus and L.Annius prevent the consular elections from being held.
+Sall:Jug_37'1-2; { CAH_9'89.}
10 NAR ++ Contoniatus, king of Iontora in Gaul, maintains friendly relations with the Romans.
11 ITA == Document: CIL_1.674, the dedication of a wall at Capua to Spes, Fides, and Fortuna.
12 ROM ?? Catulus delivers a funeral oration in honour of his mother Popilia.
Cic:DeOr_2'44; { Catulus became consul in 102 B.C., after several attempts.}
13 ++ Q.Aelius Tubero is renowned as an expert on the law, and strictly observes the provisions of the Lex Fannia.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Cic:DeOr_3'87; Gell_1.22'7; Athen_6.274'c-d; { Tubero was consul in 118 B.C.}
14 ++ M.Crassus is called Agelastus by Lucilius because he only laughed once in his whole life.
* Read Ammianus' account
Cic:Fin_5'92, :Tusc_3'31; Plin:HN_7'79; Fronto:Ep_2'p76; AmmMarc_26.9'11; Macrob:Sat_2.1'6;L  { Crassus' son P.Crassus was consul in 97 B.C.}

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