175 B.C. Olympiad 151.2

Consuls: P. Mucius Q.f. Scaevola, M. Aemilius M.f. Lepidus (II)
Athenian archon: Sonicus

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1 ROM A Roman embassy returns from Macedonia and reports on Perseus' policies.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_41.19'4-6; Appian:Mac_11'1;(17)  { CAH_8'303.}
1a EGY {Mecheir - E = March} Document: AET_7.10'B, the specification of land transferred by a father to his son.
2 CIS The consuls win victories in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul.
3 MOE The Bastarnae invade the territory of the Dardani, but suffer heavy losses while crossing the river Danube.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_41.19'7-11; +Oros_4.20'34-35.
4 EGY << The death of Cleopatra, mother of Ptolemy.
Porph:Fr_49; { CAH_8'343; Hölbl_p142=176; Bennett=178/7.}
5 PER << The death of Phriapitius, and accession of Phraates I as king of Parthia.
Just_41.5'9; { OCD_arsacids.}
5a AEG ?? Document: OGIS_247, a statue of Heliodorus at Delos.
6 PAL << Heliodorus, the minister of Seleucus, visits Jerusalem, but is deterred from robbing the temple treasury.
* Read 2Maccabees' account
Daniel_11'20; 2Macc_3'1-40; 4Macc_4'4-14; Joseph:BJ_1'31; ChronPasc_436'B-437'A; !Hieron:Chron_1833; { CAH_8'340; Green_508.}
6a GRE ?? Philonides of Laodiceia attends lessons in both geometry and Epicurean philosophy.
Phld:Phil_35-36, 45-47.
7 SYR << The Jewish high priest Onias visits Seleucus to seek his support against his rival Simon.
* Read 2Maccabees' account
~2Macc_4'1-6; 4Macc_4'1-3; Sulpit_2'18, 19'
8 SYR ?? Document: Austin_207B  (OGIS_245), a list of annual priests at Seleuceia in Pieria.
9 ++ Seleucus is a weak and ineffectual king.
* Read Appian's account
Appian:Syr_66; Porph:Fr_48.
10 {10 month6 -B = 3 September} Seleucus IV is murdered at the instigation of Heliodorus.
* Read Appian's account
+BabylChron_BM.35603'R8-10; Appian:Syr_45; { CAH_8'340-341; OCD_s.}
10a Philonides persuades (?) Antiochus not to destroy Laodiceia.
Phld:Phil_14-16, 44. { D.Gera, Philonides the Epicurean at Court: Early Connections, p.82.}
11 ROM L.Scipio the son of Africanus is elected praetor, after his opponent Cicereius withdraws from the election.
ValMax_3.5'1, 4.5'3; { OCD_s.}
12 SYR {month8 -B = October} Antiochus IV suppresses Heliodorus and establishes himself as king of Syria, with his (?) son Antiochus as co-ruler.
* Read Appian's account
+BabylChron_BM.35603'R11; Daniel_11'21; Polyb_31.13'3; +1Macc_1'10; ~[Liv]:Per_41; Joseph:AJ_12'234-236; Appian:Syr_45; GranLic_4; Trog:Prol_32; Porph:Fr_49; [Euseb]:Chron_127,(↓)  +253,(↓)  263; +Hieron:Chron_1842; Sulpit_2'19, 22; ExcBarb_46A; Zonar_9'21;(p329)  { CAH_8'332; OCD_a.}
13 Document: IG_2³.1323 (OGIS_248), a decree of (?) Athens praising Eumenes for his help in establishing Antiochus as king of Syria.
14 ROM {23 Febuary -R = ?November} The triumph of Ti.Gracchus, from Sardinia.
* Read Livy's account
Liv_41.28'8-9; #FastTr_p103; Plut:TGrac_1'2.
15 The triumph of M.Titinius, from nearer Spain.
16 {12 March -R = ?December} The triumphs of Lepidus and Scaevola, over the Ligurians.
17 EXT == The start of the Yavana {"Greek"} Era in Gandhara.
CKI_405; { see S.Baum(2017), p. 62.}

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