298 B.C. Olympiad 120.3

Consuls: L. Cornelius Cn.f. Scipio Barbatus, Cn. Fulvius Cn.f.Maximus Centumalus
Athenian archon: Mnesidemus

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1 ROM {March -R} Interregnum without consuls.
2 ROM The Romans declare war on the Samnites.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_10.11'11-12'3; DionHal_17.1'1-3'1; { CAH_7.2'377.}
3 SYR << Seleucus meets Demetrius at Rhossus, and marries his daughter Stratonice.
* Read Plutarch's account
@  (?) +MarmPar_B'27; Nepos_21.3'3; ~Plut:Demetr_31'5-32'3; Malal_198; { CAH_7.1'104; OCD_s.}
4 CIL << Demetrius seizes control of Cilicia.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Demetr_20'8, ~32'4; { CAH_7.1'104; Green_689.}
5 << Demetrius marries the daughter of Ptolemy.
~Plut:Demetr_32'5-6; { Green_129.}
6 GRE << Peace between Cassander and Athens.
7 << Philippides obtains wheat and other aid for Athens from Lysimachus.
Syll_374'10-17<t= BD_13>; { Errington_p53.}
8 EGY << Demetrius sends Pyrrhus to Ptolemy "as a hostage".
~Plut:Pyrrh_4'5; { CAH_7.1'106, 72'459.}
9 EXT << Pharnavaz becomes king of the Iberians.
ChronGeorg_3;(↓)  { Traditional date, according to C.Toumanoff.}
10 ASI << Document: OGIS_213, an inscription at Didyma in honour of Antiochus son of Seleucus. { ~Errington_p134.}
10a << Document: Austin_51,B  a decree of Miletus in honour of Apama, the wife of Seleucus.
11 ETR Scipio invades Etruria.
* Read Livy's account
CIL_1.7; +Liv_10.12'3-8; { CAH_7.2'377.}
12 ITA Fulvius defeats the Samnites at Bovianum.
+Liv_10.12'9; { CAH_7.2'664.}
13 SYR Demetrius and Seleucus quarrel over Tyre and Sidon.
~Plut:Demetr_32'7-8; { CAH_7.1'104.}
14 ROM Elections for new consuls are dominated by the threat from the Etruscans and Samnites.
+Liv_10.13'2-13; { CAH_7.2'398.}
15 {13 November -R} The triumph of Fulvius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
* Read Livy's account
#Liv_10.13'1; +FastTr_p97.
16 ETR Roman colony founded at Carseoli.
+Liv_10.13'1; { CAH_7.2'376, '391.}
17 MAC ?? The wedding feast of Caranus.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Athen_3.126'e, 4.128'a-130'd; { This must have been soon after the banquet given by Lamia in 302 B.C. One of the guests, Proteas, was the grandson of a contemporary of Alexander.}

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