268 B.C. Olympiad 128.1

Consuls: P. Sempronius P.f. Sophus, Ap. Claudius Ap.f. Russus
Athenian archon: (?) Diogeiton
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Seleucus of Macedonia

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1 MES {20 Addaru -B = March} Document: BabylChron_BM.36277, commemorating the rebuilding of the temple of Ezida at Borsippa by Antiochus I.
2 GRE ?? The Aetolians annex the Aenianians and Doris.
Strab_9'427;(4.11)  { CAH_7.1'234.}
3 ?? Lycon develops a love of luxury at an early age.
4 ++ The character of Straton, and his interest in the physical world.
* Read Diogenes' account
Cic:Fin_5'13; DiogLaert_5'58, '64.
5 << The death of the peripatetic philosopher Straton.
* Read Diogenes' account
~DiogLaert_5'58, '60, '65, ~'68; { CAH_7.1'500; OCD_s.}
5a << Document: Syll_482, a decree of Delphi in honour of the hieromnemones.
6 ETR The Romans defeat the Umbrians.
7 Sempronius defeats the Picentes.
* Read Florus' account
~[Liv]:Per_15; Plin:HN_3'110; Frontin:Str_1.12'3; Flor_1.14'1-2; +Eutrop_2.16'1; +Oros_4.4'5-7; { CAH_7.2'425.}
8 ASI {Loius -M} Document: SEG_30.1278, a decree of Stratoniceia in Caria, dated to the reign of Antiochus I.
9 ETR >> The foundation of Picentia.
Strab_5'251;(4.13)  { Soon after the defeat of the Picentes; but the text of Strabo, if correct, is rather vague.}
10 ROM Sempronius and Claudius both celebrate triumphs, over the Picentes.
* Read Fasti's account
+FastTr_p99; +Eutrop_2.16'1.
11 Claudius dies before the end of his year as consul.
12 {13 Dec. -R} Sempronius dedicates a temple to Tellus.
#CIL_add.7'Dec13, 8'Dec13; ~Flor_1.14'2.
13 ETR >> The Romans found colonies at Ariminum and Beneventum, and the Sabines are given voting rights.
* Read Velleius' account
~[Liv]:Per_15; +Vell_1.14'7; Plin:HN_3'105; +Eutrop_2.16'1; !Hieron:Chron_1732; { CAH_7.2'381, '391; OCD_a.}

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