230 B.C. Olympiad 137.3

Consuls: M. Aemilius L.f. Barbula, M. Junius D.f. Pera
Achaean General: Lydiades (III)

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1 EGY {8 Tybi -E = February} Document: BD_133A, a letter from Dionysodorus to Asclepiades, concerning the inhabitants of Oxyrhyncha.
2 ROM {5 March -R} Papirius celebrates a private "triumph" over the Corsicans on the Alban Mount, after being refused an official triumph.
* Read Fasti's account
#FastTr_p101; ValMax_3.6'5; Plin:HN_15'126.L 
2a EGY {Phamenoth -E = April/May} Document: AET_6.4'B, a demotic divorce document.
3 EPI The Illyrians seize Phoenice.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_2.5'1-8, 7'5-12; Paus_4.35'5; { CAH_7.1'452; Errington_p95.}
3a CIS The Gauls abandon plans to march against Rome after being confronted by both consuls.
4 MAC << The Dardani invade Macedonia and defeat Demetrius.
~Trog:Prol_28; { ~CAH_7.1'453, 506.}
5 EPI The Illyrians leave Phoenice and enter into alliance with Epirus.
~Polyb_2.6'1-8; { CAH_7.1'453.}
6 PER << Seleucus II leads an expedition against the Parthians, but he fails to completely subdue them.
* Read Justin's account
Strab_11'513;(8.8)  ~Just_41.4'9-5'1; { Green_699.}
7 ASI Antiochus Hierax wins a temporary victory at Magnesia.
~[Euseb]:Chron_251;(↓)  { Not long before the battle at Lake Coloē.}
8 ILL The Illyrian town of Issa appeals to Rome for help against Teuta.
* Read Dio's account
~Polyb_2.8'1-3; Appian:Ill_7; DioCass_fr.49'1-2; +Zonar_8'19;(p33)  { OCD_t.}
9 Coruncanius, a Roman ambassador to Illyria, is murdered by order of Teuta.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_2.8'4-12; ~[Liv]:Per_20; Plin:HN_34'24; Flor_1.21'1-3; Appian:Ill_7; DioCass_fr.49'2-4; +Oros_4.13'2; +Zonar_8'19;(p35)  { CAH_7.2'454; CAH_8'87.}
10 ROM The Romans declare war on the Illyrians.
* Read Dio's account
~Polyb_2.8'13; ~[Liv]:Per_20; Strab_6'287;(4.2)  DioCass_fr.49'5; ~Zonar_8'19.(p35) 
11 GRE ?? Euphorion studies philosophy as a pupil of Lacydes.
12 ?? Timon and Lacydes attempt to outdo each other in a drinking contest.
13 ++ General comments on the character and writings of Timon.
* Read Diogenes' account
Aelian:VH_2'41; DiogLaert_9'110-115.
14 ?? The death of Timon of Phlius.
* Read Diogenes' account
DiogLaert_9'112, '115; { OCD_t; Green_606=235.}
16 EGY ++ General comments on the career of the poet Machon, who lived at Alexandria.
Athen_6.241'f-242'a; { ~OCD_m.}

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