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  Sarapion   - an Egyptian, 2nd century B.C.
153/5 PPar_43, a letter from Sarapion to his brothers.

  Sarapion 2   - Athenian archon, 116 B.C.
116/_ Athenian archon: Sarapion

  Sarapion 3   - a Syrian slave in Sicily
Diod_34.2 ged. 21   At last Sarapion, a Syrian, betrayed the citade

  Sarapion 4   of Alexandria - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic games, 37 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_213 race 204th [37 A.D.] - Sarapion of Alexandria, stadion

  Sarapion   - in documents
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   on son of Herakleides Sarapion son of Apollonios Di
SelPap_1.107 Sarapion to our Heracle
SelPap_1.117 the letter about Sarapion as your justified actio
SelPap_1.119 for 88 drachmae. Longinus and Sarapion and all at
SelPap_1.131 ess to redeem my property from Sarapion. It is held in
SelPap_1.136 myself on the [.]th, as Sarapion's people said tha
SelPap_1.14 hus, and Heraclas son of Sarapion also called Leon so
SelPap_1.157 Melas . . . to Sarapion and Silvanus
SelPap_1.18 lius Serenus also called Sarapion son of Agathinus and
SelPap_1.190 to the landlord Sarapion for 4 minae of wax, 400
SelPap_1.194 buy from Tasarapion her slave Sarapion also called Ga
SelPap_1.33 son of Apollonius son of Sarapion, of the Euthenodian
SelPap_1.36 ing through me, Aurelius Sarapion son of Sarapion, of
SelPap_1.38 eived the boat. I, Sarapion, have written for my fat
SelPap_1.42 son of Aristander and Sarapion son of Herodes, of O
SelPap_1.44 the Althaean deme, from Sarapion son of Artemidorus
SelPap_1.45 Dionysius son of Sarapion, have written for them, as
SelPap_1.49 lius Serenus also called Sarapion, son of Agathinus
SelPap_1.56 above. I, Aurelius Sarapion son of Julianus, of Alexan
SelPap_1.57 Plutarcha daughter of Sarapion, acknowledges to Sar
SelPap_1.59 lavius Capito to Titus Flavius Sarapion, co-guardia
SelPap_1.61 the Flavii Silvanus and Sarapion, soldiers of the num
SelPap_1.62 iusis . . . to Diogenes son of Sarapion . . ., ex-agor
SelPap_1.7 of Thompekusis son of Sarapion, his mother being Si
SelPap_1.71 Apollonius son of Sarapion son of Sarapion, his
SelPap_1.74 a draft of the bank of Sarapion in the 11th year of
SelPap_1.75 Thoth 18, through the bank of Sarapion in the Treasu
SelPap_1.77 called Dionysius son of Sarapion son of Hermias, of
SelPap_1.79 Chosion son of Sarapion son of Harpocration,
SelPap_1.85 of the inheritance to go to Sarapion and Socrates
SelPap_2.241 him nor insulted him." Sarapion also called Apollon
SelPap_2.244 ter written about him by Sarapion, strategus of the di
SelPap_2.286 eteesis son of Tkelo and Sarapion son of Maron and t
SelPap_2.287 called Hermaeus son of Sarapion, ex-cosmetes and ex-
SelPap_2.290 have sealed. I, Gaius Juhus Sarapion, have sealed
SelPap_2.291 centurion, from Aurelius Sarapion son of Pasei, of the
SelPap_2.292 deputy-prytanis Aurelius Sarapion also called Philoxe
SelPap_2.300 istrict-scribe, Aurelius Sarapion, in the list lately
SelPap_2.303 Aurelius Ammonas also called Sarapion son of Agathod
SelPap_2.310 dorus. My grandson Sarapion, registered in the said qu
SelPap_2.317 from Dioscorus, freedman of Sarapion son of Sara
SelPap_2.318 ation. I, Aurelius Sarapion also called Chaeremon, w
SelPap_2.322 ewell. {Signed} I, Sarapion, toparch, have signed a re
SelPap_2.325 of Longinus also called Sarapion son of Isidorus and
SelPap_2.326 {Signed} I, . . ., witness. I, Sarapion also called
SelPap_2.329 urteen, to the agents of Sarapion son of Ptolemaeus, n
SelPap_2.333 hite nome, from Aurelius Sarapion son of Eudaemon, sen
SelPap_2.343 ologi Petenouphis son of Sarapion, aged about 35, ha
SelPap_2.362 Aurelius Diogenes son of Sarapion, delegate of appoint
SelPap_2.371 hides by Eudaemon son of Sarapion and partners, overs
SelPap_2.373 000 artabae, to Aurelius Sarapion, sitologus of the
SelPap_2.381 Sarapion has paid the one per
SelPap_2.383 1 and /2 per cent by Sarapion, exporting on 1 (
SelPap_2.405 mstone (?), dedicated by Sarapion son of Sarapion, ano
SelPap_2.406 from Crispus also called Sarapion, Mysthes also called
SelPap_2.428 message by my servant Sarapion who is travelling to

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