Select Papyri, 1.62


Greek text:   POxy 507
Date:   A.D. 169.

Harmiusis . . . to Diogenes son of Sarapion . . ., ex-agoranomus, gymnasiarch in office at Oxyrhynchus, priest of Fortune, greeting. I acknowledge that I have received from you the sum of 260 drachmas of silver, to which nothing has been added, at the interest of one drachma the mina for each month from the current month of Pharmouthi. And I will repay the principal with the interest on Phamenoth 20 of the coming 10th year of Aurelius Antoninus Caesar the lord without delay, otherwise I shall forfeit to you the amount increased by one half together with the same interest for the overtime at one drachma the month on each mina, and you shall have the right of execution upon myself and upon all my property. The aforesaid 260 drachmas I have invested in purchases of hay to be stored in the camel-yard of Similis at Oxyrhynchus which I have on lease, which hay it shall not be lawful for me to remove or sell or pledge until I repay to you the principal and interest, because it is mortgaged to you. And if any accident happens to the said hay, no damage shall accrue to you, because the money, including the interest, is guaranteed against all risks. This bond, which is written in duplicate, is valid wherever produced. The 9th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus Armeniacus Medicus Parthicus Maximus, Pharmouthi . . .

papyrus 63

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