Select Papyri, 1.61


Greek text:   PLond 992
Date:   A.D. 507.

In the 3rd consulship of our master Flavius Anastasius the eternal Augustus and Imperator, Epeiph . . ., 1st indiction. The following parties make a voluntary agreement with each other to accept arbitration: on the one side the Flavii Silvanus and Sarapion, soldiers of the numerus of Hermopolis, and Aurelius Isaac, full brothers, their father being Phoebammon, of the said city, Isaac speaking for himself and for the heirs of Tyrannus our deceased brother, and on the other side Flavius Bes Nikon, soldier of the said numerus, and his wife Archontia, sister of those aforesaid by the same parents, of the said city; with mutual greetings. Seeing that we had a dispute with each other about certain capital sums and in preference to litigation and strife resolved unanimously to meet for arbitration before Cardemeas and Zenodotus, those most distinguished advocates of the forum of the Thebaid and assent and submit to the rulings given by their erudition, we accordingly agree, swearing by Almighty God and the divine and heavenly fortune of our all-conquering master Flavius Anastasius the eternal Augustus and Imperator, that we will appear before the aforesaid arbitrators and let them arbitrate between us not later than the 8th of the present month Epeiph of the present 1st indiction and submit to their rulings and that the party who fails to appear before them or fails to obey their rulings shall pay . . to the party who conforms to them by way of penalty . . . gold solidi This agreement is valid and guaranteed, and in answer to the formal question we have given our consent.

{Signed}   I, . . . the aforesaid, consent to . . . as stated above. I, Aurelia Archontia daughter of Phoebammon, have made this acceptance of arbitration as stated above. I, Asterius son of Colluthus, of Antinoopolis, have written for her, as she is illiterate.

{Docket}   . . . was written by me, Horus . . .

papyrus 62

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