Select Papyri, 2.373


Greek text: POxy 2125
Date:   A.D. 220-221.

Aurelius Ammonius son of Ammonius, shipmaster in the administration of Neapolis of 3 boats carrying 15,000 artabas, to Aurelius Sarapion, sitologus of the Sko district of the upper toparchy, greeting. I have received and have had measured out to me from you the amount ordered me by the strategos Aurelius Harpocration and Aurelius Nemesion also called Dionysius, royal scribe, with the concurrence of those placed in charge of the corn tribute and the other officials concerned, from the public granaries of the aforesaid sitologus-district at the harbour of Satyrus on the great river, of wheat from the produce of the past 3rd year, pure, unadulterated, free from earth and barley, not twice-trodden, sifted, by the public half-artaba measure according to the prescribed measurement, with a percentage of 11/2 artabas, seventy-seven artabas, total 77 art., which I will carry down to Alexandria and deliver to the administration in Neapolis an entire and undamaged cargo. This receipt is valid and is done in triplicate, one copy for you the sitologus and two for the strategos, and in answer to the formal question I have given my assent.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Ammonias son of Ammonius, shipmaster in the administration of Neapolis, have received and have put on board the seventy-seven artabas of wheat with the percentage of 11/2 artabas . . .

papyrus 374

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