Select Papyri, 1.44


Greek text:   PFay 93
Date:   A.D. 161.

To Castor son of Antiphilus, of the Sosicosmian tribe and the Althaean deme, from Sarapion son of Artemidorus son of Ptolemaeus, of the Second Goosefarm quarter. I wish to lease from you the retailing of perfumes and spices, desiring a fourth part of the half share allotted to you in the division of Themistes, exclusive of markets and festivals, for the present second year only at a total rent of forty-five drachmas of silver, which I will pay monthly in equal instalments if you agree to give the lease.

{Signed}   I, Castor son of Antiphilus, have given the lease on the aforesaid terms. The (second) year of Antoninus and Verus the lords Augusti, Thoth 5.

papyrus 45

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