Select Papyri, 2.428


Greek text:   PLond 231   ( PAbinn_9 )
Date: Middle of 4th cent. A.D.

To my lord and brother Aminnaeus from Demetrius. I have already sent word to your nobility in another letter that the natron which you intercept on its way to Arsinoe or other places, whether carried by Mareots or by Egyptians, should be detained by you, and I think that you have not received my letter, for I have not had a letter from your nobility concerning this subject. And now again I am sending you the same message by my servant Sarapion who is travelling to the Oasis, asking you to keep guard over the natron of the Treasury with all honesty and to detain all persons whom you intercept together with their animals. Be prompt to send me word, either to my agents at Terenouthis or to Alexandria. And command me in turn, my lord and brother, in any matter that you wish, in order that I too may attend to the commands of your discretion with all zeal. I pray for your lasting health, my lord brother. Tubi 1.

{Addressed}   To my lord and brother Aminnaeus, praepositus, from Demetrius.

papyrus 429

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