Select Papyri, 2.303


Greek text: PSI 1067
Date:   A.D. 235-237.

To their excellencies the senate of the citizens of Antinoe, Neo-Hellenes, from Marcus Aurelius Ammonas also called Sarapion son of Agathodaemon son of . . ., of the Paulinian tribe and the Megalianian (?) deme, residing in the 4th quarter, block 4, and from his wife Aurelia Hieraciaena daughter of . . . son of Hierax, of the village of Pois in the Hermopolite nome, aged about 34 years, acting without a guardian by right of children according to the Roman custom. Desiring a birth certificate for the daughter who has been born to us, Eudaemonis, 25 days old, we have been moved to present an application and we request you to order the secretary to draw up a birth certificate for Eudaemonis as is proper. The [.] year of the Emperor Caesar Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus Germanicus Maximus Pius Felix Augustus and Gaius Julius Verus Maximus the most sacred Caesar Germanicus Maximus Augustus son of the Augustus, 14th day of Hadrianus.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Ammonas also called Sarapion, have presented this. I, Aurelia Hieraciaena, have presented this. I, Aurelius Xanthippus son of Theotecnus, of the Athenaean tribe and the Salaminian deme, wrote for her, as she is illiterate.

papyrus 304

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