Select Papyri, 1.45


Greek text:   PSI 961.A
Date:   A.D. 176.

The 17th year of the Emperor and Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus Armenicus Parthicus Germanicus Sarmaticus Maximus, 24th of the month Sebastus or Thoth, at Ptolemais Euergetis in the Arsinoite nome. Amatius also called Paulinus, ex-cosmetes, son of Patron ex-gymnasiarch, aged about 44 years, with no distinctive mark, has leased to Nilammon son of Nilus, freedman of Lurius also called Apollonius, aged about 20 years, with a scar on the left shin, and to Ponnis son of Heraclius son of Heraclius, of the village of Kerkesis, aged about 48 years, with a scar on the right shin, and to Orsenouphis son of Pasis son of Orsenouphis, aged about 29 years, with a scar above the ankle of the right foot on the inside, to all three on mutual security, 23 brood geese, which they have received on the present day, valued at 920 silver drachmas, for one year, at a general rent for the whole year of 23 full-grown geese not subject to deduction and warranted against risk; and at the end of the term Nilammon and his partners shall be bound to surrender likewise on mutual security, to Amatius also called Paulinus the aforesaid 23 brood geese, on pain of paying him the 920 silver drachmas of the valuation without delay; and if they fail to pay, they shall still deliver in like manner yearly (?) the 23 full-grown geese of the rent; and Amatius also called Paulinus shall have for all claims the right of execution upon Nilammon and his partners and upon whichever of them he chooses and upon all their property as if by legal decision.

{Signed}   We, Nilammon son of Nilus and Ponnis son of Heraclius and Orsenouphis son of Pasis, have all three leased on mutual security from Amatius also called Paulinus 23 brood geese, which we have received valued at 920 silver drachmas, for one year at a rent of 23 full-grown geese and on the other conditions as stated above. I, Dionysius son of Sarapion, have written for them, as they are illiterate

{Subscribed}   Registered Thoth 24.

papyrus 46

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