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  Hamilcar   - brother of Gisco; Carthaginian general in the middle of 4th century B.C.
Polyaen_5.11.1 rch. [11] Gesco. Hamilcar, one of the ablest generals

  Hamilcar 2   - Carthaginian commander in Sicily; died in 314 B.C
319/15 from exile with help from Hamilcar, and is appointed "plenipotenti
314/21 Hamilcar is secretly condemned by the Carthaginian senate, and dies
    Within translations:
Just_22.2 city, Syracuse: when Hamilcar, general of the Carthagi
Just_22.3 with the connivance of Hamilcar, certain allies of the
Just_22.7 etly condemned his uncle Hamilcar, merely because he wishe
Polyaen_5.3.7 concluded a peace with Hamilcar; who drew off his forces

  Hamilcar 3   - son of Gisco; Carthaginian commander in Sicily, killed in 309 B.C.
311/10 Hamilcar son of Gisco arrives as the new Carthaginian general in Sici
311/18 The Carthaginians under Hamilcar defeat Agathocles by the river Himer
311/34 lian cities changes sides to support Hamilcar and the Carthaginians.
310/1 Hamilcar defeats Agathocles in a second battle, at the Olympium near
310/25 Hamilcar makes an unsuccessful attack on Syracuse.
309/8 Hamilcar is defeated and killed at Syracuse.
309/13 gas and other cities gain their freedom after the death of Hamilcar.
    Within translations:
Just_22.3   aled up, until the other Hamilcar, the son of Gisco, shoul
Just_22.8   for after the death of Hamilcar the son of Gisco, a fres
Polyaen_6.41.1   mbush, and were killed. [41] Hamilcar. Hamilcar notic
Polyaen_6.41.2   Agathocles' soldiers Hamilcar, who was in command of
ValMax_1.7e.8   [7e.8]   But Hamilcar general of the Carthaginians, while

  Hamilcar 4   - Carthaginian commander in Sicily, 261-256 B.C.
261/11 The Carthaginians send Hamilcar to replace Hanno in Sicily.
261/31 Hamilcar causes the destruction of a band of disaffected Gallic merce
260/7 Hamilcar defeats Caecilius near Segesta.
259/4 Hamilcar attacks and defeats the Roman allies at Thermae.
259/17 Hamilcar captures Camarina and Enna, and transfers the inhabitants
256/20 The Carthaginians recall Hamilcar from Sicily to Africa.
254/11 Hamilcar punishes the Numidians for their support of Regulus.
250/15 Hannibal the son of Hamilcar arrives at Lilybaeum with reinforcements
Oros_4.8   they were opposed by Hamilcar, the general of the
Oros_4.9   overboard. 9 The Punic general Hamilcar who had been sent with
ValMax_6.6.2   was discussed who should go, Hamilcar refused, for fear lest the

  Hamilcar 5   Barca - Carthaginian commander from 247 B.C. onwards; father of Hannibal
Wikipedia entry
247/2 Hamilcar Barca is appointed Carthaginian commander.
247/2a Hamilcar raids the coast of Southern Italy.
247/6 Hamilcar seizes the hill of Heircte.
244/4 The earliest campaigns of Hamilcar in Sicily.
244/5 Hamilcar captures the town of Eryx.
243/13 Hamilcar attacks Fundanius near Eryx.
241/6 Carthage gives Hamilcar powers to negotiate peace with Rome.
241/9 Hamilcar uses a trick to stop his Gallic mercenaries deserting to the
241/20 General remarks about the achievements of Hamilcar in Sicily.
241/21 Hamilcar resigns his command.
240/32 The Carthaginians appoint Hamilcar to share the command against the
240/33 Hamilcar defeats the mercenaries by the river Bagradas.
240/40 Hamilcar defeats the mercenaries again, after the defection of the
239/19 The Carthaginians make Hamilcar their sole general.
238/9 Hamilcar defeats the mercenaries under Spendius, and puts the survivo
237/1 Hamilcar and Hanno are reconciled, and defeat Mathus in a pitched bat
237/5 Hamilcar campaigns against the Numidians.
237/7 The Carthaginians appoint Hamilcar to be their general in Spain.
237/8 Hannibal the son of Hamilcar swears an oath of enmity to Rome.
237/9 Hamilcar sails from Carthage to Spain.
231/8 Hamilcar defeats the Tartessians and their Celtic allies.
231/14 Hamilcar justifies his conquests in Spain to a Roman embassy.
229/16 Hamilcar passes on to his sons his hatred of Rome.
229/17 Hamilcar's campaigns in Spain.
229/18 ral comments on the military and political achievements of Hamilcar.
229/19 The death of Hamilcar, who is succeeded as Carthaginian commander in
204/27 Hanno the son of Hamilcar is defeated and killed by Scipio near Salae
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_524   year of these consuls, Hamilcar the father of Hannibal
DioCass_fr.48   tigate {the movements of Hamilcar, in the consulship of
Just_44.5   they sent their general Hamilcar, with a large army, to
Naev:Pun_36   BOOK VI From the arrival of Hamilcar Barca in Sicily
Naev:Pun_39   nteenth year. [39] Hamilcar on Mount Eryx (244-3 B.C.) har
Naev:Pun_41   ranged by Lutatius Catulus and Hamilcar, 241 B.C. NONIUS
Nepos_13.4   of the two Carthaginians, Hamilcar and Hannibal. 6 About
Nepos_21.3   fitting not to pass over Hamilcar and Hannibal, who are generally
Nepos_22.1   [1]   Hamilcar the Carthaginian, son of Hannibal
Nepos_22.2   reduced to despair, they made Hamilcar commander-in-chief.
Nepos_23.1   Hannibal the Carthaginian, son of Hamilcar. If it be true, as
Nepos_23.2   Romans, he added: "My father Hamilcar, when I was a small
Nepos_23.3   father to Spain, and after Hamilcar died and Hasdrubal succeeded to
Oros_4.13   of the City, when Hamilcar, the Carthaginian general, was
Oros_4.14   the presence of his father Hamilcar when he was nine years
ValMax_9.3e.2   excessive was the hatred of Hamilcar towards the Roman people! For
ValMax_9.3e.3   father's footsteps, that when Hamilcar was about to transport

  Hamilcar 6   - a Carthaginian, captured by the Romans in the First Punic War
241/12 Regulus torture two Carthaginian prisoners, Bodostor and Hamilcar.

  Hamilcar 7   - son of Hanno; Carthaginian commander in Sicily, killed in 480 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Himilco
Aelian:NA_10.50 But I learn that Hamilcar the Carthaginian* looted the
Just_4.2 ter losing their general Hamilcar and his army, they remai
Polyaen_1.27.1 commander in the war against Himilco the Carthaginian.
Polyaen_1.27.2 odorus, 11.26'5] & When Himilco, king of Carthage, invade

  Hamilcar 8   - of Rhodes; reported to the Carthaginians on the achievements of Alexander the Great
323/67 The Carthaginians execute Hamilcar, their envoy to Alexander.
    Within translations:
Ennius:Ann_271   ngallensis, referring to Hamilcar Rhodanus: Ennius has -
Oros_4.6   to Africa, they sent one Hamilcar, who was called the Rhodian,

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