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  Dionysus   - the Greek god of wine, also known as Bacchus
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  + Bacchic , Bacchus , Cathegemon , Dionysiac , Lenaeus , Liber , Lyaeus
324/33 Ecbatana, where he holds lavish celebrations in honour of Dionysus.
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[Tib]:PanMes_1 fts most welcome, and to Bacchus was Icarus a host more
[Tib]:PanMes_147 ends the fields, whether Bacchus or Ceres, nor do any anim
3Macc_2 the ivy-leaf symbol of Dionysus, and they shall also be
AnthPal_3.1 ef, as follows :- [1] On Dionysus conducting his mother
AnthPal_3.10 oas, this plant of Bacchus, for so shall you save from dea
Athen_02.37 so in the contests of Dionysus the prize of victory is
Athen_04.175 and excites men, & Singing in Bacchic strain a merry song
Athen_* 05.197-202 * them. But in the Dionysiac procession first of all there
Athen_05.205 apartment dedicated to Dionysus, capable of holding thir
Athen_05.212 ans of the spectacles of Dionysus callimg him a messenger
Athen_10.440 which account he sent Bacchic frenzy, and all sorts of
Athen_10.445 72;ται of Dionysus, & And threw their cups
Athen_11.463 met together in these Dionysiac conversations, no one,
Athen_11.494 as a drinking-cup, when Dionysus speaks of the demagogues
Athen_11.495 run from the temple of Dionysus to the temple of Athene
Athen_12.538 offered a sacrifice to Dionysus, and everything was prep
Athen_12.551 ing language, addressing Dionysus on the present occasion-
Athen_13.574 on which the temple of Dionysus stands, is a conspicuous
Athen_13.587 nnium is mad for love of Dionysus,- jesting upon her as
Athen_13.598 led in tragedy - sang of Bacchus and of his passion for
Athen_13.608 eadows. And in his Dionysus he says- & The ivy, lover of
Athen_14.613 friend Timocrates, call Dionysus frantic, because those
Athen_14.631 eir dances, they portray Dionysus and the Indians, and the
Athen_14.636 of his treatise On the Dionysiac System, as he calls it,
Athen_14.638 at libations to the honour of Dionysus. Timomachus, in
Athen_14.653 drachmas to be paid to Dionysus, if he plucked them off
Athen_15.693 given them of Nurses of Dionysus." And that when the pled
Athen_15.695 lyre, & Struck by fair boys in Dionysus' chorus. XVIII &
Athen_4.148 in the caves sacred to Dionysus; and from this scaffold
Callim:Epigr_9 ath. If that path, Bacchus, leads not to thine ivy wreath
Callim:Epigr_10 Short is the speech, Dionysus, of the successful poet
Callim:Epigr_45 Pan, there is, yes, by Dionysus, some hidden fire beneat
Callim:Epigr_49 pides next to a mask of Gaping Dionysus ( Plin:HN_8.57-58
Diog_Laert_07.173 preposterous thing for Dionysus and Heracles to bear
ElegMaec_1.51 the rising sun. O Bacchus, after we subdued the dark-skin
Euseb]:Chron_55 lled, after Heracles and Dionysus, who were descended from
Euseb]:Chron_61 who was escaping from Dionysus the son of Semele, arriv
Euseb]:Chron_65 Achurard, ruled for 17 years. Dionysus and Perseus lived
Euseb]:Chron_185 us, for 40 years. The deeds of Dionysus occurred in his
THI_104 (194-166)   ng the sacrifice to Dionysos on Naxos, and the perq
THI_112 (c. 170)   and its territory to Dionysos; and you requested th
THI_115 (230-225)   ce that is offered to Dionysos [and the festival th
THI_15 (202/1)   ora, next to the altar of Dionysos. 30 They shall i
THI_39 (235/4)   in the sanctuary of Dionysos and one in the sanctua
THI_97 (294-288)   nd Apollo and Demeter and Dionysos. [If I keep my o
Julian:Caes_* 308-310 * amorous, methinks, of Dionysus ever fair and ever young
Julian:Caes_314 ittle father," exclaimed Dionysus, "have you turned up as
Julian:Caes_317 the sacred enclosure, Dionysus said, "King Cronus and
Julian:Caes_328 ak, Silenus whispered to Dionysus, "Let us hear which one
Julian:Caes_331 ipides, Andr_693 ] - But Dionysus interrupted him saying
Julian:Mis_355 drunk at the festival of Dionysus, they insulted the Roman
Julian:Mis_359 aving children, and know Dionysus the Drink-Giver, only
Julian:Mis_366 edians drag Heracles and Dionysus on the stage and make
Just_12.7 cted by their worship of Bacchus, the founder of their cit
Just_14.2 yond the achievements of Bacchus and the monuments of Herc
Just_42.3 kind, after Hercules and Liber (whom tradition declares
Memn_28 in the mountains. Dionysus fell in love with her, but
OGIS_111 (152-145)   tia-Anoukis and to Dionysos-Petempanentis and to
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   Setis the island of Dionysos, whose names are app
OGIS_186 (62)   my lord king, the god New Dionysos Philopator Phila
OGIS_50 (c. 269-246)   ved by the artists of Dionysos and the Gods Adelp
OGIS_51 (c. 269-246)   ved by the artists of Dionysos and the Gods Philade
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   the mother's side of Dionysos, son of Zeus, having
OGIS_730 (c. 217/6)   decree in the precinct of Dionysos. → inscript
Paean:Delph_2 crowd of the Artists of Dionysus, who dwell in the city
Philoch_206 his daughters received Dionysus as a guest; the priestes
Phylarch_78 Plut:Mor_362'B-C & Dionysus brings two bulls to Egypt, cal
Plut:Demetr_2 espect he imitated Dionysus most of all the gods, since
Plut:Demetr_12 were paid to Ceres and Dionysus; and that whoever exceed
Plut:Mor_841 ade surveyor of the theatre of Dionysus, he finished this
Plut:Mor_852 enal, and the theatre of Dionysus, he completed them; and
Polyaen_* 01.1.1-3 * beginning with Dionysus. [1] & Dionysus. In order to gain
Polyaen_01.2.1 Pan, a general of Dionysus, was the first who created a
Polyaen_01.2.2 was in a wooded hollow, Dionysus was informed by his scou
Polyaen_01.Preface red stratagems, beginning with Dionysus. [1] & Dionysus.
Polyaen_04.1.1 tle, erected a temple to Dionysus Pseudanor; and ordered
PsCallisth_1.6 nto mighty Heracles, then into Dionysus bearing the thyrsu
PsCallisth_1.7 a serpent, Ammon, Heracles, Dionysus, all divine. And
PsCallisth_1.12 aidens, brought to light Dionysus, the raver, who was nurs
PsCallisth_1.35 one of the servants of Dionysus, who gave him a cheese
PsCallisth_1.46 our common origin. Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele, smitt
PsCallisth_3.2 of gods. For when Dionysus, as they say, came here, the
PsCallisth_3.4 ble to birds. Once Dionysus, making an assault on it, coul
PsCallisth_3.17 een upon this couch is I Dionysus, and I tell thee that
PsCallisth_3.30 He meant by this that Dionysus through his epiphany for
PsCallisth_3.31 about him at the festival of Dionysus. For many came to
RC_53 (197-160)   ibed on the temple of Dionysos so that it may be se
RC_65 (142)   my brother priest of Dionysos Kathegemon and perfo
RC_66 (135)   ros, former priest of Dionysos Kathegemon and com
SEG_2.580 (229-205)   ists]: the priest of [Dionysos at the Dionysia],
SEG_42.661 (c. 300-280)   the altar in the temple of Dionysos. If they swear
SEG_48.1330 (c. 128-100)   made the servant of Dionysos, Phanostratos, a
Syll_313 (320/19)   s the Savioour and Dionysos pass, are levelled and
Syll_323 (308/7)   osal of the priest of Dionysos, Theodotos son of Th
Syll_326 (307/6)   l and the theatre] of Dionysos, and [constructed
Syll_388 (266/5)   ut his sacrifices to Dionysos, with good fortune it
Syll_399 (278/7)   provide to the artists of Dionysos. Envoys: Astyd
Syll_466 (251/0)   bly at the theatre of Dionysos; Charias of Pelekes,
Syll_493 (230-220)   e it in the temple of Dionysos in our city and in
Syll_507 (c. 237/6)   y to the craftsmen of Dionysos who are enrolled [in
Syll_563 (203/2)   ritory is sacred to Dionysos and inviolable; it is
Syll_564 (203/2)   s shall be sacred to Dionysos and inviolable from
Syll_565 (203/2)   ritory is] sacred [to Dionysos and inviolable; ther
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   ims in the temple of Dionysos in Rhodes, and where
Syll_648 (c. 194)   test, a song - "Dionysos" - with choral
Syll_661 (c. 165/4)   hon, sacrificed to Dionysos [during the Dionysia]
Timoth:Pers_60 spumy rain unblent with Bacchus and pour into the channel

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