OGIS: 59


Greek text:   IG_12.3.327
Date:   163 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons

Thera had been an important base for the Ptolemaic fleet since the time of the Chremonidean War ( OGIS_44 ). As well as the garrison commander (Apollonios), it was also administered by an oikonomos, who acted as the chief financial officer on the island.   For another English translation of the letter at the start of the inscription, see M. Austin, "The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the Roman Conquest", no.287 ( Google Books ).

[A]   King Ptolemaios to Apollonios, greetings. We have received the letter, in which you appended a copy of the petition submitted by the soldiers stationed in Thera; and as they requested, we have instructed Diogenes the dioiketes to give them the land appropriated by the oikonomos for the royal treasury - the Teisagoreion and the Karkineion and the so-called Kallistrateia and the land held by Timakrita - from which he declared that the income was 111 Ptolemaic drachmas per year; so that they may have funds for sacrifices and oil for anointing. Farewell. Year 18, Audnaios 15, which is Epeiph 15.

. . .
Theogenes Diomenes Ladamos
Apollonios son of Koiranos   Simon son of Alki... Mounichos
Stratokles Krateros Diphilos
Archibios Diophantos Apollonios son of Ap...
Aristomenes Straton Herothemis son of Aph...
Teleas Epinikos Therson
Hermagenes Kydres son of Me...   Simos
  Praxagoras Horophatidas son of Me...   Pythagoras
Eudemos Bakchon Aphrodisios son of Her...
Axigenes Eupolemos Archias
Kleisippos Timarchides Baton
Diognetos Kallistagoras Athenaios
Kleostratos Athenodoros Symmachos
Demetrios Diphilos Archedoros son of Da...
Dion son of Pyth... Zenon Menodoros
Anaxion Apollonios son of Mn... Theogeiton
Horophatidas Theaitetos Asklepiades
Philemon Apollonios son of Theo... Antikrates
Apollonios Polemon Diogenes son of Athe...
Epikydes Herakleitos son of Her... Ampichares
Aristophanes Ammonios Philoxenos
Aristopolis Nikakrates Nikanor
Megalles son of De... Kalligenes Menandros son of Di...
Kallistratos Hermias Philoxenos son of Ia...
Hermagenes Menandros Dorotheos
Dionysios Sotadas Aphrodisios son of Zai...
Apollodotos Euagoros Simos
Akestimos Philonides Ariston son of Epi...
Archibios Simon Epinikos
Apollonios son of Eum... Phoibosthenes Apollonios son of Ap...
Aischrion Eukritos Archidamos
Herakleitos son of Eu... Herakleitos son of Me... Sosigenes
Diokles Demetrios son of De... Theudoros
Aristopolis Aristokles Bakchon
Herothemis Athenagoras Hegesistratos
Demarchos Thersikrates Artemidoros
Kydres son of Eu... Eumelos Moschos
Diodamos Attalos son of Cha... Theophilos
Meniskos Polemon Epitimidas
Hippias Lachares Erotion
Horophatidas son of As... Philonides Theuphilos

[B]   The following contributed towards the cost arising for the repair of the gymnasium - 16 drachmas from the 18th year until the 22nd year:

Apollonios son of Koiranos   Dikaiarchos son of Apollonides   Sosipatros son of Ammonios
Diophantos Archibios Diphilos
Aristomenes Apollonios son of Ana... Teleas
Therson Simos son of Ape... Pythagoras
Timarchides Epinikos Diokles
Hermaios Dionysodoros Archidemos
Simos son of Oino... Axigenes Epikydes
Chares Diodoros son of Me... Polynikos
Apollonios son of Mn... Damothemis Zoilos
Apollonios son of Eu... Asklepiades Ariston
Asklepiades Horophatidas Baton
Menodoros Menekles Pythonax
Krateros Charisios Antikrates
Archidamos Aristopolis Lachares
Kalliteles Demetrios son of De... Kallikrates
Apollonios son of Di... Herothemis son of Aph... Apollonios son of So...
Damasistratos Eupolemos Praxagoras
Aristopolis Philoxenos Athenodoros
Ammonios Nikanor Straton
Nikakrates Iason Theaitetos
Kleostratos Paramonos Hermagenes
Sotimos Hagelaos Diodoros son of Ery...
Dionysios Philemon Theogeiton
Archias Kalligenes Menandros
Kallistratos Bakchon Sopolis
Anaxion Aphrodisios Kydres son of Horophatidas
Kleisippos Apollodotos Simon
Erotion Mikion Diēs
Teleas Tychandros Artemon son of Epa...
Artemon son of Kl... Erilochos Iason
Attalos Bromios son of Hor... Apollonios
[C]   Praxis son of Is... Demetrios son of Ar... Diagoras
Menophilos Philonides son of Ba... Themistagoras
Eudemos Themistokles Histiodoros
Timon Leontios Alexis
Aristokles Gorgosthenes Damotheos
Diogenes son of An... Lykaithos Dionysodoros
Demetrios son of Do... Apollonios son of Ch... Dionysios
Tharson Philokrates son of On... Dorotheos
Philokles Ptolemaios Mousaios
Tychamenes Pankratidas Histieios
Horophatidas Diogenes Antiphanes
Megalles Demetrios son of Me... Peison son of Kra...
Euagoras son of Py... Histieios son of Philom... Stratokles son of Ar...
Symmachos son of Po... Eupolemos Philippos
Apollonios Hermokrates Damophon
Leonides Karpos Nikaios
Kallistratos son of Kalli... Poseidonios son of Simo... Zenodotos son of Attalos
Dionysophanes Archidamos Ariston...
Andromachos... Praxinikos Tychasios
Dion son of Apel... Theodoros Apollonios son of Menandros
Theodoros son of As... Leon Agathokles son of Aga...
Stratokles son of An... Agathokles son of Ze... Poseidonios son of Pei...
Proteas Straton Simos son of Am...
. . . Sosikrates son of Mou... Andromachos son of P...
Axiochos Dionysios Plator

inscription 65

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