OGIS: 111


Greek text:   OGIS_111
Date:   152-145 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons
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Further information about Boëthos, the powerful official on whose behalf this dedication was made, has been provided by the so-called 'Boethos Archive' in the Trier Papyri. The papyri reveal that, as well as the cities of Philometoris and Kleopatra mentioned in this inscription, in 132 B.C. Boethos founded a third city, called Euergetis; see G.M.Cohen, "The Hellenistic Settlements in Syria, the Red Sea Basin, and North Africa", page 347 ( Google Books ).

This and the other dedication made by Herodes ( OGIS_130 ) are discussed by C.Fischer-Bovet, "Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt", pp.335-6 ( Google Books ).

Dedicated to king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra his sister, the gods Philometores, and to their children and to Ammon-Chnoubis and to Hera-Satis and to Hestia-Anoukis and to Dionysos-Petempanentis and to the other gods, on behalf of Boëthos the Chrysaorian, son of Nikostratos, the chief bodyguard and strategos and founder of the cities of Philometoris and Kleopatra in the Triakontaschoinos, on account of the goodwill that he has continually shown towards [the king] and the queen and their [children], by Herodes of Pergamon, the son of Demophon, one of the diadochoi and leader of men and commander of the garrison at Syene and defender of the (?) wicker-work barrier and [governor] of the upper territories and prophet of Chnoubis and chief stolistes of the temples in Elephantine [and Abaton] and Philai, and by the other [priests of the] five-fold order of Chnomō Nebieb {Chnoubis, the Great Lord} [and of the gods Adelphoi and] of the gods Euergetai [and of the gods] Philopatores and of the gods Epiphaneis and of the god Eupator and of the gods Philometores, who gather in assembly in the temple [at Setis], in order that they might hold [annual] festivals [in honour of] king [Ptolemaios] and the queen and their children, and might celebrate the birthday of Boëthos according to the existing [royal] law. The names of the priests are written below.

inscription 116

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