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  Cassander   - son of Antipater; king of Macedonia, 316-297 B.C.
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323/33 lexander shows anger towards Cassander and Iollas, the sons of Antipa
319/10 eath together with his son Demeas by Cassander the son of Antipater.
319/20 Nicanor is sent to Athens by Cassander and gains control of the fort
318/8 Cassander goes to Asia to seek help from Antigonus for a war against
318/23 Cassander arrives at Peiraeus with a force provided by Antigonus.
318/29 Cassander attacks the island of Salamis, but is forced back by Polype
317/2 Athenians agree terms with Cassander, who sets up Demetrius of Phal
317/3 Cassander puts Nicanor to death.
317/4 Cassander invades Macedonia and expels Polyperchon.
317/5 Eurydice appoints Cassander regent in place of Polyperchon.
317/13 beginning of the reign of Cassander, according to some calculation
317/15 Cassander invades the Peloponnese, and the Spartans build walls round
316/1a Cassander besieges Olympias at Pydna.
316/3 Callas, the general of Cassander, corrupts the army of Polyperchon.
316/12 Olympias surrenders to Cassander.
316/19 Cassander puts Olympias to death.
316/26 Cassander marries Thessalonice, the daughter of Philippus.
316/27 Cassander imprisons Roxane and her son Alexander at Amphipolis.
316/28 Cassander arranges for the burial of Philippus and Eurydice.
316/29 Cassander founds the city of Cassandreia on the site of Potideia: Lys
315/1 Cassander refounds Thebes, but Crates refuses to take part in the res
315/4a Cassander invades the Peloponnese, and wins over Argos and most of
315/7 Cassander founds the city of Thessalonice.
315/12 gonus rejects an ultimatum from Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Cassander.
315/18 Cassander invades the Peloponnese.
315/20 Antigonus declares Cassander a public enemy, and promises freedom to
315/22 Alexander is persuaded to change sides by Cassander.
314/4 Cassander persuades the people of Acarnania to move into fortified
314/12 Cassander invades Illyria, and captures Epidamnus.
314/18 ides drives Aristoteles, the admiral of Cassander, away from Lemnos.
314/19 pes from an ambush and captures Eupolemus, the general of Cassander.
313/3 Philippus the brother of Cassander defeats and kills Aeacides, the
313/5 Cassander besieges Oreus in Euboea.
313/20 fleet in Boeotia, and forces Cassander to abandon the siege of Oreius
313/24 force the garrisons left by Cassander to abandon Apollonia and Epida
312/8 Lyciscus, the general of Cassander, defeats Alcetas.
312/10 Cassander is defeated while attacking Apollonia.
311/22 agrees to a peace treaty with Cassander, Lysimachus, and Ptolemy.
310/17 Cassander helps Audoleon, king of the Paeonians, after an invasion
310/30 Cassander murders Alexander IV and his mother Roxane.
309/4 racles is put to death after Cassander and Polyperchon come to an agr
308/15 rinth, but leaves again after coming to an agreement with Cassander.
307/23 between the Athenians and Cassander; Demochares strengthens the
307/33 having secret dealings with Cassander, and is forced to go into exil
305/15 piodorus defeats the army of Cassander at Elateia, with help from the
305/24 Cassander and Lysimachus take the title of king.
304/5 Supplies from Ptolemy, Cassander, and Lysimachus reach Rhodes.
304/19a 329, two Athenian decrees referring to the war against Cassander.
304/21 Demetrius drives Cassander's army out of Attica and pursues it as far
303/15 odemus of Messene transfers his support from Cassander to Demetrius.
302/2 Breakdown of negotiations between Cassander and Demetrius.
302/3 Cassander instigates a coalition with the other kings against Antigon
302/19 ntigonus to return to Asia, and he agrees to a truce with Cassander.
299/11 enian decree in honour of Poseidippus after an embassy to Cassander.
298/6 Peace between Cassander and Athens.
297/4 Cassander attacks a fortified camp of Gauls on Mount Haemus.
297/5 Cassander is disturbed by the sight of a statue of Alexander.
297/6 Cassander commissions a famous painting by Philoxenus of Eretria, of
297/7 Cassander memorises large parts of the poems of Homerus.
297/7a Syll_332, recording a grant of land given by Cassander to Perdiccas.
297/8 The policy of Cassander towards the Greek states.
297/9 Death of Cassander.
297/17 Death of Philippus, son of Cassander.
286/15 Lysimachus kills Antipater, son of Cassander.
165/6b list of honours granted to Cassander of Alexandria Troas by Delphi

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Syll_585 (197-175)   hos and Archon: [40] Kassandros of Alexandria Tr

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