286 B.C. Olympiad 123.3

Consuls: M. Valerius Maximus, C. Aelius Paetus
Athenian archon: Diocles

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1 ASI << Demetrius wins over Ionia and Sardis.
* Read Plutarch's account
OGIS_12<t= BD_11B>; ~Plut:Demetr_46'6; { Green_129.}
1a ?? Document: SEG_44.949, a decree of Teos concerning a large ransom to be paid to pirates.
2 GRE << An unsuccessful attempt by the Athenians to capture Peiraeus.
* Read Polyaenus' account
THI_81; Paus_1.29'10; Polyaen_5.17'1; { Green_130.}
3 MES ?? Antiochus, the son of Seleucus, settles Greeks from Babylon in Seleuceia.
* Read Pausanias' account
BabylChron_5; Paus_1.16'3.
4 AEG ?? Theophrastus and Phanias free their home city, Eresus, from a tyrant.
Plut:Mor_1097'B, 1126'F.
5 GRE ?? Arcesilaus leaves Theophrastus and joins the Academics.
* Read Diogenes' account
Phld:Acad_17;B  DiogLaert_4'22, '29-30.
6 ?? Bion of Borysthenes, when still young, attaches himself to several different philosophers, including Crates, Theodorus, and Theophrastus.
Phld:Acad_S;B  DiogLaert_4'51-52.
7 ?? Theophrastus falls silent while addressing the Areopagus.
* Read Aelian's account
Gell_8.cap'9; Aelian:VH_8'12.
8 ?? Sophocles son of Amphicleides attempts to pass a law banishing all philosophers from Attica.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Athen_13.610'e-f; DiogLaert_5'38.
9 ?? An old woman realizes that Theophrastus is not a native Attic speaker.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Brut_172; Quint_8.1'2.
10 ?? A comment by Zenon on the number of Theophrastus' followers.
Plut:Mor_78'D,(6)  545'F.
11 ?? Sayings of Theophrastus.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mor_633'B;(Q2.1)  DiogLaert_5'40.
12 ++ General comments on the character and appearance of Theophrastus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Athen_1.21'a-b; DiogLaert_5'36-37, '39; Suda_Th'199.
13 << The death of Theophrastus, who is succeeded as leader of the Peripatetics by Straton.
* Read Diogenes' account
DiogLaert_5'40-41, +'58<q" Apollod:Fr_40>; Cic:Tusc_3'69; Strab_13'608-609;(1.54)  ClemAl:Strom_1'14;(↓)  Suda_S'1185, Th'199, Th'200; { CAH_7.1'323; OCD_t.}
14 THR << Lysimacheia is damaged by an earthquake.
~Just_17.1'1-3; { 22 years after the foundation of the city.}
15 << Lysimachus kills Antipater, son of Cassander.
* Read Justin's account
~Diod_21.7'1; ~Just_16.2'4-5; [Euseb]:Chron_231.(↓) 
16 ASI Demetrius marches inland, pursued by Agathocles son of Lysimachus.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Demetr_46'7-10; Polyaen_4.7'12; { CAH_7.1'108; Errington_p58.}
16a GRE {11 Hecatombaeon -G = July/August} Document: Syll_367, an Athenian decree in honour of Zenon, an officer of Ptolemy.
16b << Document: SEG_67.253, inscriptions of Acraephia in Boeotia, honouring men who served in war against Demetrius.
16c AEG ?? Document: OGIS_773, a decree of the island of Ios in honour of Zenon.
17 GRE The Athenians recall Demochares from exile.
+Plut:Mor_851'E; { When Diocles was archon; OCD_d?288/7.}
18 MAC Pyrrhus attacks Demetrius' garrisons in Thessaly.
19 CIL Negotiations between Demetrius and Seleucus.
20 Inconclusive fighting between the armies of Demetrius and Seleucus.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Demetr_48'1-4; Polyaen_4.9'2, '5.

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