316 B.C. Olympiad 116.1

Consuls: Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Rutilus, M. Popillius M.f. Laenas
Athenian archon: Democleides
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Deinosthenes of Laconia

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1 GRE {Jan./Feb.} Document: Menand:Dysc_, Menander's comedy "Dyscolos", performed at the festival of Lenaea.
+Menand:Dysc_didasc; { OCD_m; Green_38,75.}
1a MAC Cassander besieges Olympias at Pydna.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'14; +Diod_19.35'1-36'1; Just_14.6'2; Oros_3.23'31; { Errington_p27; Anson_xi.}
1b EGY {Hathyr -E = Jan./Feb.} Document: AET_6.18, a payment for the maintenance of a daughter.
2 EPI Aeacides is expelled from Epirus.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.36'2-5; Paus_1.11'4; Just_17.3'16-17; { CAH_7.1'106=317; Anson_xi.}
2a ILL Pyrrhus is taken as a baby to the court of Glaucias in Illyria.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Pyrrh_2'1-3'5; ~Just_17.3'18-20.
3 MAC Callas, the general of Cassander, corrupts the army of Polyperchon.
+Diod_19.36'5-6; { Green_686.}
4 PER Antigonus makes an unsuccessful attack on Eumenes' elephants.
5 The leaders of the Silver Shields begin to plot against Eumenes.
6 AEG A dangerous flood at Rhodes.
7 GRE Menander wins his first victory for comedy, with a play called "Orge".
* Read MarmorParium's account
+MarmPar_B'14; Plut:Mor_853'F; !Hieron:Chron_1696; { CAH_7.1'494.}
8 SIC Agathocles stages a coup and massacres his opponents at Syracuse.
* Read Diodorus' account
Polyb_9.23'2; +Diod_19.6'4-8'6; Polyaen_5.3'7, '8; Just_22.2'9-12; { OCD_a; Green_222.}
9 Agathocles is appointed sole general: the beginning of his reign as tyrant of Syracuse.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'14; +Diod_19.9'1-7, 21.16'5; !Hieron:Chron_1694; { CAH_7.1'389; OCD_a.}
10 PER Antigonus defeats Eumenes in Gabiene.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.40'1-43'8; Plut:Eum_16'6-11; Polyaen_4.6'13; Just_14.3'1-3; Liban:Or_11'80;B  Oros_3.23'26; { CAH_7.1'494; Anson_xi.}
11 Eumenes is handed over to Antigonus by his own army.
* Read Plutarch's account
~FGrH_155.3'2; +Diod_19.43'8-9; Nepos_18.10'1-2; ~Plut:Eum_17'1-18'9; Polyaen_4.6'13; Just_14.3'4-4'20, 41.4'2; Oros_3.23'27-28.
12 MAC Olympias surrenders to Cassander.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.49'1-50'8; Paus_1.25'6; Polyaen_4.11'3; Just_14.6'5; Oros_3.23'32; { Green_20; Anson_xi=315.}
13 PER Antigonus gains possession of a large force of elephants after his victory over Eumenes.
14 ?? Stratagems employed by Antigonus against Eumenes.
* Read Polyaenus' account
Polyaen_4.6'12, '19.
15 ++ The character of Eumenes, and his skill as a general.
* Read Plutarch's account
Nepos_18.1'1-3; Plut:Sert_1'11-12, :Eum_20'1-21'8; Ampel_33'1.
16 Antigonus puts Eumenes to death.
* Read Nepos' account
+Diod_20.44'1-3; Nepos_18.10'3-13'3; ~Plut:Eum_19'1; Appian:Syr_53; Just_14.4'21; Trog:Prol_14; Suda_E'3579; { Errington_p28=316/5; Hölbl_p16=316/5; Anson_xi=315.}
17 The funeral of Eumenes.
* Read Nepos' account
Nepos_18.10'4; Plut:Eum_19'2.
18 MAC ?? Olympias warns Monimus against marrying Pantica.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Plut:Mor_141'C; Athen_13.609'b-c.
19 Cassander puts Olympias to death.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'14; (?) SEG_32.644; FGrH_155.1'6, 2'3; +Diod_17.118'2, 19.51'1-6, 61'1; Paus_1.11'4, 9,7'2; Aelian:NA_12'6; Just_14.6'6-12; Trog:Prol_14; PsCallisth_3'17;(↓↓)  [Euseb]:Chron_231; Oros_3.23'32; { Errington_p27; Hölbl_p17=315; Anson_xi=315.}
19a EGY ?? Ptolemy gives 50 talents to pay for the burial of an Apis bull.
Diod_1.84'8; { soon after Ptolemy took control of Egypt.}
20 << Berenice becomes the mistress and then the wife of Ptolemy.
Paus_1.6'8; { Hölbl_p24?316; Bennett=317-314.}
21 GRE << Demetrius of Phalerum conducts a census of the inhabitants of Attica.
Athen_6.272'c; { CAH_7.1'265.}
21a << The poet Menander courts the favour of Demetrius.
21b << Document: Syll_318, an Athenian decree, in honour of Demetrius.
22 << The Athenian exiles ask for assistance from the Aetolians.
23 PEL Astyanax of Miletus wins the pancration contest at the Olympic games and all the other major games.
* Read Athenaeus' account
+Eratosth:Fr_8; Athen_10.413'a-c.
23a Deinosthenes of Sparta wins the stadion race at the Olympic games.
Syll_1069; Diod_19.17'1; Paus_6.16'8.
24 PER Antigonus kills Pithon and removes his associates.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.46'1-47'4, 56'1; Polyaen_4.6'14; { Anson_xi=315.}
25 Antigonus reorganizes the eastern satrapies.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.48'1-8, 56'1; Appian:Syr_53; { Anson_xi=315.}
26 MAC Cassander marries Thessalonice, the daughter of Philippus.
* Read Diodorus' account
~FGrH_155.2'4; +Diod_19.52'1, 61'2; Just_14.6'13; [Euseb]:Chron_231; { Errington_p27; Anson_xi=315.}
27 Cassander imprisons Roxane and her son Alexander at Amphipolis.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.52'5; Just_14.6'13; Oros_3.23'32.
28 Cassander arranges for the burial of Philippus and Eurydice.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.52'5; Athen_4.155'a.
29 Cassander founds the city of Cassandreia on the site of Potidaea: Lysippus designs a special kind of vessel to hold wine from the city.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'14; FGrH_155.2'4; +Diod_19.52'2-3, 61'2; Liv_44.11'2;'5;(7.12)  Plin:HN_2'150; Paus_5.23'3; Athen_11.784'c; { CAH_7.1'494; Errington_p27-28; Anson_xi=315.}
30 PEL Polyperchon escapes to Aetolia.
31 ITA The dictator L.Aemilius defeats the Samnites near Saticula.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_9.21'1-6; +FastCap_p46; { CAH_7.2'372.}
32 EXT Antigonus disposes of some of the Silver Shields by assigning them to Sibyrtius, satrap of Arachosia.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.48'3; Plut:Eum_19'3; Polyaen_4.6'15.
33 ITA == Nuceria abandons its alliance with Rome and joins the Samnites.

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