315 B.C. Olympiad 116.2

Consuls: L. Papirius Sp.f. Cursor (IV), Q. Publilius Q.f. Philo (IV)
Athenian archon: Praxibulus

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1 GRE << Cassander refounds Thebes, but Crates refuses to take part in the resettlement.
* Read Diodorus' account
PsCallisth_1'47; +MarmPar_B'14; Polyb_38.3'1; +Diod_19.53'1-3, 54'1-3, 61'2; Prop_2.6'5-6; Strab_9'403;(2.5)  Plut:Demetr_40'6, :Mor_814'B; Paus_7.6'9, 9.3'6, 7'1-4; Aelian:VH_3'6; { CAH_7.1'292=316; Errington_p31; Anson_xi.}
1a The Thebans demand repayment of an old loan made to the Thessalians.
1b EGY {Hathyr -E = Jan./Feb.} Document: AET_7.8'B, a demotic marriage contract.
2 MES Seleucus is visited by Antigonus at Babylon.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.55'1-3; Appian:Syr_53; { Errington_p29.}
3 ++ Seleucus wins the support of his subjects by his conduct as satrap of Babylonia.
4 EGY Seleucus takes refuge with Ptolemy, in anticipation of an attack by Antigonus.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.55'4-56'1, 86'4; Appian:Syr_53; Paus_1.6'4; Liban:Or_11'77-78,B  '80-82;B  { CAH_7.1'46; Errington_p29.}
4a PEL Cassander invades the Peloponnese, and wins over Argos and most of Messenia.
+Diod_19.54'3-4; { Anson_xi.}
5 ITA Q.Aulius, the Roman magister equitum, is killed in fighting near Saticula.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_9.22'1-10; +FastCap_p46.
6 EGY Seleucus attempts to organize a coalition against Antigonus in the west.
7 MAC << Cassander founds the city of Thessalonice.
* Read Strabo's account
~FGrH_155.2'4;'1,(7.12)  '24;(7.12)  Julian:Or_3.107'D; Malal_190; Suda_Th'260; { CAH_7.1'494; Errington_p28; Anson_xi.}
8 GRE << The "floruit" of Menedemus.
9 ASI << The birth of the philosopher Arcesilaus.
~DiogLaert_4'44; { OCD_a; Green_606.}
10 PON ++ Dionysius Metathemenos as a pupil of Heracleides.
* Read Diogenes' account
DiogLaert_5'92-93, 7'166; Suda_P'449.
11 ?? The death of the philosopher Heracleides Ponticus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Phld:Acad_9-10; DiogLaert_5'90-91; Suda_H'461; { ~OCD_h.}
12 SYR Antigonus rejects an ultimatum from Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Cassander.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.57'1-5; Appian:Syr_53;(↓)  Just_15.1'1-5; Oros_3.23'33-35; { CAH_7.1'494; Errington_p29; Anson_xi=314.}
13 PHO >> Antigonus builds a new navy in Phoenicia.
+Diod_19.58'1-6; { Errington_p29=315/4; Green_23=314.}
14 PAL Antigonus expels Ptolemy's garrisons from Joppa and Gaza.
* Read Diodorus' account
@  (?) Syll_409'7-9; +Diod_19.59'1-3; Appian:Syr_53;(↓)  { ~CAH_7.1'46; Anson_xi=314; for possible Athenian support of Antigonus, see T.L.Shear, "Kallias of Sphettos", p.9.}
15 PEL Aristodemus is sent by Antigonus to the Peloponnese, and gives help to Polyperchon.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.60'1, 63'1-3; { Errington_p19=315/4; Anson_xi=314.}
16 ASI Ptolemaeus, the general of Antigonus, frees Chalcedon from a siege by Zipoetes of Bithynia.
+Diod_19.60'2-4; Plut:Mor_302'E-303'A.(49) 
17 ETR The Samnites capture Plistica, and the Romans capture Saticula.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.72'3-4; +Liv_9.22'11; { CAH_7.2'372.}
18 PEL Cassander invades the Peloponnese.
19 SIC Agathocles attacks Messene.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.65'1-6; Polyaen_5.15'1; { CAH_7.1'390.}
20 PHO Antigonus declares Cassander a public enemy, and promises freedom to the Greek states; then he starts to besiege Tyre.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.61'1-5, 66'3; { CAH_7.1'47; Errington_p30-31=314; Anson_xi=314.}
21 ETR Roman colonists are massacred at Sora, which defects to the Samnites.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.72'3; +Liv_9.23'2; { CAH_7.2'662.}
22 PEL Alexander is persuaded to change sides by Cassander.
+Diod_19.64'2-5; { Errington_p32=313; Anson_xii=313.}
23 ETR The Samnites defeat the Romans at Lautulae.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_19.72'5-8; +Liv_9.23'1-6; { CAH_7.2'372.}
24 The dictator Q.Fabius defeats the Samnites near Sora.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_9.23'7-17; Frontin:Str_1.11'21.
25 ETR Fabius punishes the soldiers who were defeated by the Samnites.
26 EGY Ptolemy sends out Myrmidon, Polycleitus, Menelaus, and Seleucus to attack Antigonus in different areas.
27 CIL Polycleitus defeats Theodotus, the admiral of Antigonus, near Aphrodisias.
+Diod_19.64'5-8; { Anson_xii=313.}
28 ETR The land round Ardea in Latium is laid waste by the Samnites.
* Read Strabo's account
Strab_5'232,(3.5)  '249;(4.11)  { CAH_7.2'372.}
29 AEG ?? A remark of Aeschines about a speech of Demosthenes: "What if you had heard the beast himself?".
* Read Plutarch's account
ValMax_8.10e'1; Plin:HN_7'110; Quint_11.3'7; Plinius:Ep_2.3'10; Plut:Mor_840'D-E.
30 ?? Aeschines introduces the study of rhetoric at Rhodes.
* Read Plutarch's account
Vit:Aeschin_6; Quint_12.10'19; Plut:Mor_840'D-E; Suda_Ai'348.
31 ++ A description of a statue of Aeschines.
32 << The death of Aeschines, at Samos.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mor_840'E; Suda_Ai'347; { CAH_7.1'494; OCD_a.}
33 PEL ?? Chares learns the art of sculpture as a pupil of Lysippus.
34 ?? Lysippus acknowledges the "Doryphoros" of Polycleitus as his model in sculpture.
35 ++ General comments on the art and character of Lysippus.
Petron:Sat_88; Plin:HN_34'37, '61-65; Lucian:JTrag_9; { ~CAH_6'659; OCD_l.}
36 ?? Lysistratus the brother of Lysippus develops a technique of taking plaster casts from living faces and from statues.

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