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  Epicurus   - son of Neocles; Greek philosopher, early 3rd century B.C.
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  + Epicurean , Epicureans
323/52 Epicurus goes from Samos to Athens to be trained as an ephebe.
321/10 Epicurus attends the lectures of Xenocrates.
321/11 Epicurus leaves Athens and goes to Colophon.
313/16 Elaea, Zenon, and (possibly) Epicurus are pupils of Xenocrates.
309/5 Epicurus attends lectures by the philosopher Nausiphanes.
309/6 Epicurus starts teaching at Mytilene, and then at Lampsacus.
307/17a & 158, letters written by Epicurus to Polyaenus and others, when
307/29 tocles, defiles the mysteries after becoming a follower of Epicurus.
306/8 Epicurus is associated with the leading men of Lampsacus during his
306/9 Epicurus returns to Athens.
299/3c Epicurus writes the 15th Book of his work "About Nature".
295/14a Epicurus writes the 28th Book of his work "About Nature".
291/3a Epicur:Fr_127, a letter from Epicurus to Themista.
288/10a Epicur:Fr_169, a letter from Epicurus to Phyrson.
287/9a ites a letter to Lamia, complaining about the behaviour of Epicurus.
284/6 :Fr_100, a letter written by Epicurus when Diotimus was Athenian arch
280/24 Epicurus' friend Metrodorus assists Mithres, a former minister of Lys
280/25 Burstein_14, a letter from Epicurus to Herodotus about the ransoming
280/37 The floruit of the philosophers Zenon and Epicurus.
277/4 Epicurus rebukes Timocrates for breaking off his friendship with Metr
277/5 The friendship of Metrodorus and Epicurus.
277/6 The death of Metrodorus, a follower of Epicurus.
270/1 The character of Epicurus and his principal followers.
270/1a cur:Fr_122 & 138, letters from Epicurus to Hermarchus and Idomeneus.
270/1b :Fr_177 & 191, letters written by Epicurus during his final illness.
270/2 The death of the philosopher Epicurus.
249/5 the best-known followers of Epicurus: Colotes, Hermarchus, Idomeneus
240/8 The Epicurean philosophers Polystratus and Hippoclides die on the sam
173/8 The Epicurean philosophers Alcaeus and Philiscus are expelled from
145/14 a banquet, to which he invites the Epicurean philosopher Diogenes.
78/11 tend the lectures of Phaedrus and Zenon, two Epicurean philosophers.
69/8 Patron succeeds Phaedrus as head of the Epicurean school.
44/28 successive leaders of the Epicurean school of philosophy at Athens
Diogenes- DIOGENES LAERTIUS, Life of Epicurus
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_10 the atheistic words of Epicurus and cultivating she-male
Aelian:Fr_39 da_E'2405 , & E'2548 & & About Epicurus and his disciples.
Aelian:Fr_61 ing offered sacrifice, he told Epicurus and his opinions
Aelian:Fr_89 ving burned the books of Epicurus, he will soak up the dus
Apollod:Fr_41 gLaert_10'13 & The teachers of Epicurus. [42] & DiogLaert_
Apollod:Fr_42 gnificant dates in the life of Epicurus. [43] [AULUS GELLI
Athen_5.211 hion. Diogenes the Epicurean, having a very tolerable acqu
Athen_5.215 was also at Tarsus an Epicurean philosopher who had bec
Athen_* 07.279-281 * *[10.] [279] But the Epicureans are not the only men
Athen_8.354 so, although I know that Epicurus, that most truthful of
Athen_12.546 consists in motion, but also Epicurus and his followers
Athen_12.547 lcaeus and Philiscus the Epicureans out of their city, whe
Athen_13.588 devoted lover of truth, Epicurus, who, never having been
Athen_13.593 daughter of Leontion the Epicurean,who was also a courtesa
Athen_13.611 wrote the books against Epicurus, was accused by Zenon
Cic:Brut_131 nvert to the doctrine of Epicurus; which, of all others,
Cic:Brut_292 becoming; nor can I agree with Epicurus, who thinks it cen
Cic:Fam_* 15.16-19 * Catius the Insubrian, an Epicurean, who died lately, gives
DiogLaert_7.5 at first called Zenonians, as Epicurus tells us in his
DiogLaert_7.9 whom are mentioned by Epicurus, in his letter to his
DiogLaert_7.35 nt, a philosopher of the Epicurean school, a deep thinker,
DiogLaert_7.181 hing to assert that what Epicurus had written out of his
DiogLaert_* 10.1-11 * trines (139-154) [1] {1} Epicurus was an Athenian, and the
DiogLaert_10.16 This was the dying charge of Epicurus. & Then to the bat
DiogLaert_10.19 hall be the guardians of Epicurus, the son of Metrodorus,
DiogLaert_* 10.23-27 * man in every respect, as Epicurus tells us in his Fundamen
DiogLaert_* 10.31-34 * Now, in the Canon, Epicurus says that the criteria of trut
DiogLaert_10.39 ange in it. & (And Epicurus establishes the same principle
DiogLaert_10.42 calculation. & (Epicurus adds, a little lower down, tha
DiogLaert_10.66 ents as before. & (Epicurus expresses the same ideas in
DiogLaert_10.73 name of time. & (Epicurus lays down the same principles
DiogLaert_10.97 sserted by Diogenes, the Epicurean, in the first book of
DiogLaert_* 10.118-121 * itome of the Ethical Maxims of Epicurus. He will punish
DiogLaert_10.136 . . ." And Epicurus, in his treatise on Choice,
DiogLaert_10.149 vain opinions. (Epicurus thinks that those are natural
Hieron:Chron_1688 [1687 in Ar.] Anaximenes and Epicurus were in their prim
Plut:Demetr_34 fought for it. Epicurus the philosopher is said at tha

  Epicurus 2   - one of the accusers of Phocion, 318 B.C.
AnthPal_11.50 this, be wise, and leave Epicurus to enquire in vain where
AnthPal_6.307 his shop ran prancing off to Epicurus to be a garden-stu
AnthPal_7.72 MENANDER & { F 1 } & On Epicurus and Themistocles Hail,
Lucill_11.103 103] & { F 29 } & Epicurus wrote that all the world consi
Lucill_11.249 his neighbours. If Epicurus had known of Menophanes' field
Lucill_11.93 with his head in one of Epicurus' atoms and went through
Phld:Epigr_11.44 The birthday of Epicurus, to whose sect Philodemus and
Plut:Phoc_38 for that purpose. Epicurus and Demophilus, the other two,

  Epicurus   - in documents
Syll_312 (321)   people, on the proposal of Epikourus the son of Dr
Syll_316 (293/2)   n for the second time, with Epikouros of . . ., so
Syll_322 maratos son of Demaratos Epikouros son of Euandrides E
Syll_412 (c.260)   envoys Pythagoras, Epikouros and Lampon arrived at
Syll_413 (c. 260)   envoys - Pythagoras, Epikouros and Lampon - afte
Syll_679 (190-140)   ides son of Prytanis Epikouros son of Alkinos Artem
Syll_685 (112/1)   ios the son of Minnion Epikouros son of Artemidoros

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