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  Nobilior   (Ser. Fulvius Paetinus Nobilior) - Roman consul, 255 B.C.
  + Fulvius
255/_ nsuls: Ser. Fulvius M.f. Paetinus Nobilior, M. Aemilius M.f. Paullus
253/1 The triumph of Ser.Fulvius, over the Cossurenses and Carthaginians.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p54   er. Fulvius M.f. M.n. Paetinus Nobilior , M. Aemilius M.f.
FastTr_p100   M.f. M.n. Paetinus Nobilior, proconsul, & over the Cossure
Oros_4.9   Aemilius Paulus and Fulvius Nobilior 255 B.C. heard of

  Nobilior 2   (M. Fulvius Nobilior) - Roman consul, 189 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Fulvius , Marcus
192/9 C.Flaminius and M.Fulvius fight successfully against the Spanish rebe
191/1 a law, which according to Fulvius is the first law to govern the
191/24 M.Fulvius is granted an ovation for his victories in Spain.
190/22 M.Fulvius ensures that Cn.Manlius is elected to be his colleague
189/_ Consuls: Cn. Manlius Cn.f. Vulso, M. Fulvius M.f. Nobilior
189/9 Fulvius besieges Ambracia, with the poet Ennius in his retinue.
188/1 Fulvius captures Same.
188/2 Fulvius tries to stop war breaking out between the Achaean League and
188/16 ssy from Ambracia, which complains about their treatment by Fulvius.
187/14 The triumph of M.Fulvius, over the Aetolians and Cephallenia.
187/15 616, two dedications made by M.Fulvius out of the booty from Aetolia.
186/9 tory games are celebrated by M.Fulvius and L.Scipio; the games are
180/10 Ligurian tribes, after which M.Fulvius illegally disbands his legion.
179/2 M.Lepidus and M.Fulvius are elected censors, and agree to co-operate
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_79   bilior, the son of Marcus, who was inclined to the study
Cic:DeOr_2.256   call paronomasia as Cato called Nobilior ** Mobilior; or as, when
Cic:Tusc_1.3   esteem, as he censures Marcus Nobilior, for carrying poets with him
CIL_1.615   L_1 .615 M. Fulvius Nobilior. Pedestal of stone
CIL_1.616   Another dedication of Fulvius Nobilior. Pedestal of s
Ennius:Ann_384   siege of Ambracia by Fulvius Nobilior, 189 B.C. : NONIUS
Ennius:Ann_395   emilius Lepidus and M. Fulvius Nobilior, 179 B.C. : PRISCI
FastCap_p64   [189] & M. Fulvius M.f. Ser.n. Nobilior , Cn. Manlius Cn.f
FastTr_p102   ulvius M.f. Ser.n. Nobilior proconsul, & an ov[ation from
FastTr_p103   l]vius M.f. Ser.n. Nobil[ior (II), [consul, & over the Aet
Oros_4.20   25 The consul Fulvius 189 B.C. travelled from Greece
Plin:HN_35.66   left at Ambracia when Fulvius Nobilior removed the works of the
ValMax_4.2.1   and continual hatred to Fulvius Flaccus, a person of the same

  Nobilior 3   (M. Fulvius Nobilior) - Roman consul, 159 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Fulvius
159/_ Consuls: Cn. Cornelius Cn.f. Dolabella, M. Fulvius M.f. Nobilior
158/10 The triumph of M.Fulvius, over the Eleates.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p66 labella , M. Fulvius M.f. M.n. Nobilior censors: P. Cornel
FastTr_p105 Fulvius] M.f. M.n. Nobilior, proconsul, & over Ligurian

  Nobilior 4   (Q. Fulvius Nobilior) - Roman consul, 153 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Fulvius
153/_ Consuls: Q. Fulvius M.f. Nobilior, T. Annius T.f. Luscus
153/8 Nobilior is repulsed at Numantia.
153/15 Nobilior spends the winter in camp in Spain.
136/9 audius Pulcher and Q.Fulvius Nobilior; Fulvius dissuades Claudius fro
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_601 in Macedonia. [601] &   Q. Fulvius and P. Annius. &
Cic:Brut_79 [156 B.C.];- Q. Nobilior, the son of Marcus, who was
FastCap_p70 [153] & Q. Fulvius M.f. M.n. Nobilior , T. Annius T.f.

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