Fasti Triumphales

The Fasti Triumphales were published in about 12 B.C. They contain a list of triumphs from the foundation of Rome down to the reign of Augustus. They are preserved as part of a larger inscription, the Fasti Capitolini, which is now displayed at the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

This translation is based on the edition by A.Degrassi {"Fasti Capitolini", 1954}. See the key to translations for an explanation of the format. The numbers in red are the page numbers in Degrassi's edition.

For information on how to interpret the list, see the Explanation at the end of the translation. For a general description of Roman triumphs, see Triumphus on the LacusCurtius website.


752/1   Romulus, son of Mars, king,   over the Caeninenses, k.Mart. {1st March}

[752/1]   Romulus, son of Mars {II}, king,   [over the Antemnates ...]

    [11 lines lost]

[ ... ]     [Ancus Marcius ... king,   over the Sab]ines and [Veientes ...]

[ ... ]     L. Tarquinius Priscus, son of Damaratus, king,   over the Latins, k.Quint. {1st July}

588/7   L. Tarquinius Priscus, son of Damaratus {II}, king,   over the Etruscans, [k.A]pr. {1st April}

585/4   L. Tarquinius Priscus, son of Damaratus {III}, king,   over the Sabines, id.Sext. {13th September}

571/0   Ser. Tullius, king,   over the Etruscans, 6 k.Dec. {25th November}

567/6   Ser. Tullius {II}, king,   over the Etruscans, 8 k.Jun. {25th May}

[ ... ]     Ser. Tullius {III}, king,   over the Etruscans, 4 non.[...]


[ ... ]     L. Tarquinius [Superbus, son of Priscus,] grandson of Damaratus, [king,   over the Volsci ...]

[ ... ]     L. Tarquinius Superbus, [son of Priscus, grandson of Damaratus {II}, king,   over the Sabines ...]

[509/8]   P. Valer[ius Volusi f. ... Poplicola,] consul,   [over the Veientes and Tarquinienses, k.Mart.] {1st March}

[505/4]   M. Valerius [Volusi f. ... Volusus,] consul,   [over the Sabines ...]

[505/4]   P. Postumius [Q.f. ... Tubertus,] consul,   [over the Sabines ...]

[504/3]   P. Valerius [Volusi f. ...] Poplicola [{II}, [consul {IV},   over] the Sabines and Veientes, [ ...] non.Mai.

503/2   P. Postumius [Q.f. ... Tubertus,] consul {II},   an o[vation over the Sabines], 3 non.Apr. {3rd April}

503/2   Agrippa [Menenius C.f. ...] Lanatus, consul,   over the [Sabines], pr. non.Apr. {4th April}

502/1   Sp. Cassius [ ... Vicellinus,] consul,   over [{?} the Sabines ...]

[{?}496/5]   A. Postumius [P.f. ... Albus] Regillensis, [dictator,   over the Latins ...]

[494/3]   M'. Valerius [Volusi f. ... Maximus,] dictator,   [over the Sabines and Medullini ...]

    [6 lines lost]


[486/5]   [Sp. Cassius ... Vicellinus {II}, consul {III}, over the Volsci, Hernici, ...] k.Jun.

475/4   [P. Valerius P.f. Volusi n.] Poplicola, [consul,   over the Veientes] and Sabines, k.Mai. {1st May}

474/3   [A. Manlius Cn.f. P.n. Vulso, consul,   an ovation over the Veientes], id.Mart. {15th March}

[468/7]   [T. Quinctius L.f. L.n. Capitolinus Barbatus, consul {II},   over the Volsci of Antium ...]

[462/1]   [L. Lucretius T.f. T.n. Tricipitinus, consul,   over the Aequi and Volsci ...]

[462/1]   [T. Veturius T.f. ...] Geminus [Cicurinus, consul,   an ovation over the Aequi] and [Volsci ...]

[459/8]   [Q. Fabius M.f. K.n. Vibulanus, consul {III},   over] the Aequi [and Volsci ...] non.Mai.

459/8   [L.] Cornelius Ser.f. P.n. [Maluginensis Uritinus], consul,   over the Volsci of Antium, 4 id.Mai. {12th May}

458/7   [L.] Quinctius L.f. L.n. Cincinnatus, [dictator],   over the Aequi, id.Sept. {13th September}

449/8   [L. Valerius] P.f. P.n. Poplicola Potitus, [consul],   over the Aequi, id.Sext. {13th August}

449/8   [M.] Horatius M.f. L.n. Barbatus, [consul,   over] the Sabines, 7 k.Sept. {24th August}


443/2   [M. Geganius] M.[f. ...] Macerinus, [consul {II},]   over the V[olsci], non.Sept. {5th September}

437/6   [M. Valerius M.f. M'.n. {?} Lactuca Maxi]mus, [consul,   over the ...], id.Sext. {13th August}

    [25 lines lost]


[367/6]   [M. Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus {IV}, dictator {V},   over the Gauls, ...].Nov.

361/0   [T. Quinctius ... Pennus Capitolinus Crispinus, dictator,   over the Gauls, ...]nalia

361/0   [C. Sulpicius M.f. Q.n. Peticus, consul {II},   over the Hernici, ... Ma]rt.

360/59   [C. Poetelius C.f. Q.n. Libo Visolus], consul,   over the Gauls and Tiburtes, 4 k.Sext. {29th July}

360/59   M. Fabius N.f. M.n. Ambustus, consul,   an ovation over the Hernici, non.Sept. {5th September}

358/7   C. Sulpicius M.f. Q.n. Peticus {II}, dictator,   over the Gauls, non.Mai. {7th May}

358/7   C. Plautius P.f. P.n. Proculus, consul,   over the Hernici, id.Mai. {15th May}

357/6   C. Marcius L.f. C.n. Rutilus, consul,   over the Privernates, k.Jun. {1st June}

356/5   C. Marcius L.f. C.n. Rutilus, dictator,   over the Etruscans, pr. non.Mai. {6th May}

354/3   M. Fabius N.f. M.n. Ambustus {II}, [consul {III},]   over the Tiburtes, 3 non.Jun. {3rd June}

350/49   [M. Popi]llius M.f. C.n. Laenas, consul {III},   over the Gauls, Quirinalia {17th February}


346/5   [M. Va]lerius M.f. M.n. Corvus, consul {II},   over the Volsci of Antium and the Satricani, k.Feb. {1st February}

343/2   [M. Vale]rius M.f. M.n. Corvus {II}, consul {III},   over the Samnites, 10 k.Oct. {21st September}

343/2   [A. Cor]nelius P.f. A.n. Cossus Arvina, consul,   over the Samnites, 9 k.Oct. {22nd September}

340/39   [T.] Manlius L.f. A.n. Imperiosus Torquatus, consul {III},   over the Latins, Campanians, Sidicini and Aurunci, 15 k.Jun. {18th May}

339/8   [Q. P]ublilius Q.f. Q.n. Philo, consul,   over the Latins, id.Jan. {13th January}

338/7   L. Furius Sp.f. M.n. Camillus, consul,   over the Pedani and Tiburtes, 4 k.Oct. {27th September}

338/7   C. Maenius P.f. P.n., consul,   over the Antiates, Lavinii and Veliterni, pr. k.Oct. {29th September}

335/4   [M. Vale]rius M.f. M.n. Corvus {III}, consul {IV},   over the Caleni, id.Mart. {15th March}

329/8   [L.] Aemilius L.f. L.n. Mamercinus Privernas, consul {II},   over the Privernates, k.Mart. {1st March}

329/8   C. Plautius P.f. P.n. Decianus, consul,   over the Privernates, k.Mart. {1st March}

326/5   Q Publilius Q.f. Q.n. Philo {II}, the first proconsul,   over the Samnites and Palaeopolitani, k.Mai. {1st May}

324/3   L. Papirius Sp.f. L.n. Cursor, dictator,   over the Samnites, 3 non.Mart. {5th March}

322/1   L. Fulvius L.f. L.n. Curvus, consul,   over the Samnites, Quirinalia {17th February}


322/1   Q. Fabius M.f. N.n. Maximus Rullianus, consul,   over the Samnites and Apulians, 12 k.Mart. {18th February}

319/8   L. Papirius Sp.f. L.n. Cursor {II}, consul {III},   over the Samnites, 10 k.Sept. {21st August}

314/3   C. Sulpicius Ser.f. Q.n. Longus, consul {III},   over the Samnites, k.Quint. {1st July}

312/1   M. Valerius M.f. M.n. Maximus, consul,   over the Samnites and Sorani, id.Sext. {13th August}

311/0   C. Junius C.f. C.n. Bubulcus Brutus, consul {III},   over the Samnites, non.Sext. {5th August}

311/0   Q. Aemilius Q.f. L.n. Barbula, consul {II},   over the Etruscans, id.Sext. {13th August}

309/8   L. Papirius Sp.f. L.n. Cursor {III}, dictator {II},   over the Samnites, id.Oct. {15th October}

309/8   Q. Fabius M.f. N.n. Maximus Rullianus {II}, proconsul,   over the Etruscans, id.Nov. {13th November}

306/5   Q. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Tremulus, consul,   over the Anagnini and Hernici, pr. k.Quint. {29th June}

305/4   M. Fulvius L.f. L.n. Curvus Paetinus, consul,   over the Samnites, 3 non.Oct. {5th October}

304/3   P. Sempronius P.f. C.n. Sophus, consul,   over the Aequi, 7 k.Oct. {24th September}

304/3   P. Sulpicius Ser.f. P.n. Saverrio, consul,   over the Samnites, 4 k.Nov. {29th October}

302/1   C. Junius C.f. C.n. Bubulcus Brutus {II}, dictator,   over the Aequi, 3 k.Sext. {30th July}


301/0   M. Valerius M.f. M.n. Corvus {IV}, dictator {II},   over the Etruscans and Marsi, 10 k.Dec. {21st November}

[299/8]   M. Fulvius Cn.f. Cn.n. Paetinus, consul,   over the Samnites and Nequinates, 7 k.Oct. {24th September}

298/7   Cn. Fulvius Cn.f. Cn.n. Maximus Centumalus, consul,   over the Samnites and Etruscans, id.Nov. {13th November}

295/4   Q. Fabius M.f. N.n. Maximus Rullianus {III}, consul {V},   over the Samnites, Etruscans and Gauls, pr non.Sept. {4th September}

294/3   L. Postumius L.f. Sp.n. Megellus, consul {II},   over the Samnites and Etruscans, 6 k.Apr. {27th March}

294/3   M. Atilius M.f. M.n. Regulus, consul,   over the Volsones and Samnites, 5 k.Apr. {28th March}

293/2   Sp. Carvilius C.f. C.n. Maximus, consul,   over the Samnites, id.Jan. {13th January}

293/2   [L. Papiriu]s L.f. Sp.n. Cursor, consul,   over the Samnites, id.Feb. {13th February}

291/0   [Q. Fabius Q.f. M.n. M]aximus [Gurges, proconsul,   over the Samnites, ...] k.Sext.

    [21 lines lost]

[282/1]   [C. Fabricius C.f. C.n. Luscinus, consul,   over the Samnites, Lucani and Bruttii,] 3 non.Mart. {5th March}


281/0   [Q. Mar]cius Q.f. Q.n. Philippus, [consul,]   over the Etruscans, k.Apr. {1st April}

280/79   [Ti. Coru]ncanius Ti.f. Ti.n., consul,   over the Vulsinienses and Vulcientes,] k.Feb. {1st February}

280/79   [L.] Aemilius Q.f. Q.n. Barbula, proconsul,   over the Tarentines, Samnites and Sallentini, 6 id.Quint. {10th July}

278/7   C. Fabricius C.f. C.n. Luscinus {II}, consul {II},   over the Lucani, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samnites, id.Dec. {13th December}

277/6   C. Junius C.f. C.n. Brutus Bubulcus, consul {II},   over the Lucani and Bruttii, non.Jan. {5th January}

276/5   Q. Fabius Q.f. M.n. Maximus Gurges {II}, consul {II},   over the Samnites, Lucani and Bruttii, Quirinalia {17th February}

275/4   M'. Curius M'.f. M'.n. Dentatus {IV}, [consul {II},   over the Sa]mnites and king Pyrrhus, [...].Feb.

275/4   [L. Cornelius] Ti.f. Ser.n. Lentulus [Caudinus], consul,   over the Samnites and [Lucani], k.Mart. {1st March}

273/2   [C. Claudius] M.f. C.n. Canina, [consul {II},   over the Luca]ni, Samnites [and Bruttii], Quirinalia {17th February}

[272/1]   [Sp. Carvilius C.f. C.n. Ma]ximus {II}, [consul {II},   over the Samnites, Lucani, Bruttii] and Tarentines, non.[...]


[272/1]   L. Papirius L.f. [Sp.n.] Cursor {II}, consul {II},   over the Tarentines, [Lucani, Samnites] and Bruttii, [...]

[270/69]   [Cn.] Cornelius [P.f. Cn.n. Blasio, consul],   over the Regini, [...]

[268/7]   [P.] Sempronius P.f. P.n. [Sophus, consul],   over the Picentes, [...]

[268/7]   Ap. Claudius Ap.f. C.n. [Russus], consul,   over the Picentes, [...]

[267/6]   M. Atilius M.f. L.n. Regulus, consul,   over the Sallentini, 8 [k.Feb.] {23rd January}

[267/6]   L. Julius L.f. L.n. Libo, consul,   over the Sallentini, 8 k.Feb. {23rd January}

266/5   D. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera, consul,   over the Sassinates, 5 k.Oct. {26th September}

266/5   N. Fabius C.f. M.n. Pictor, consul,   over the Sassinates, 3 non.Oct. {5th October}

266/5   N. Fabius C.f. M.n. Pictor {II}, consul,   over the Sallentini and Messapii, k.Feb. {1st February}

266/5   D. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera {II}, consul,   over the Sallentini and Messapii, non.Feb. {5th February}

264/3   M. Fulvius Q.f. M.n. Flaccus, consul,   over the Vulsinienses, k.Nov. {1st November}

263/2   M'. Valerius M.f. M.n. Maximus Messalla, consul,   over the Carthaginians and Hieron king of the Sicilians, 16 k.Apr. {17th March}


260/59   C. Duilius M.f. M.n., consul,   the first naval triumph, over the Sicilians and the Carthaginian fleet, k.Interk.

259/8   L. Cornelius L.f. Cn.n. Scipio, consul,   over the Carthaginians, Sardinia and Corsica, 5 id.Mart. {11th March}

258/7   C. Aquillius M.f. C.n. Florus, proconsul,   over the Carthaginians, 4 non.Oct. {4th October}

[258/7]   C. Sulpicius Q.f. Q.n. Paterculus, consul,   over the Carthaginians and Sardinia, 3 non.Oct. {5th October}

[257/6]   A. Atilius A.f. C.n. Caiatinus, praetor,   naval triumph over Sicily and the Carthaginians, 14 k.Feb. {17th January}

[257/6]   C. Atilius M.f. M.n. Regulus, consul,   over the Carthaginians, [8 ... ]

[256/5]   L. Manlius A.f. P.n. Vulso Longus, consul,   naval triumph over the Carthaginians [8 ... ]

[254/3]   Ser. Fulvius M.f. M.n. Paetinus Nobilior, proconsul,   over the Cossurenses, and naval triumph over the Carthaginians, 13 k.Feb. {18th January}

254/3   M. Aemilius M.f. L.n. Paullus, proconsul,   over the Cossurenses, and naval triumph over the Carthaginians, 12 k.Feb. {19th January}

253/2   Cn. Cornelius L.f. Cn.n. Asina, proconsul,   over the Carthaginians, 10 k.Apr. {23rd March}

253/2   C. Sempronius Ti.f. Ti.n. Blaesus, consul,   over the Carthaginians, k.Apr. {1st April}

252/1   C. Aurelius L.f. C.n. Cotta, consul,   over the Carthaginians and Sicilians, id.Apr. {13th April}

[250/49]   L. Caecilius L.f. C.n. Metellus, proconsul,   over the Carthaginians, 7 id.Sept. {7th September}

241/0   C. Lutatius C.f. C.n. Catulus, proconsul,   naval triumph over the Carthaginians in Sicily, 4 non.Oct. {4th October}


241/0   Q. Valerius Q.f. P.n. Falto, propraetor,   naval triumph from Sicily, pr. non.Oct. {6th October}

241/0   Q. Lutatius C.f. C.n. Cerco, consul,   over the Falisci, k.Mart. {1st March}

241/0   A. Manlius T.f. T.n. Torquatus, consul {II},   over the Falisci, 4 non.Mart. {4th March}

[236/5]   P. Cornelius L.f. Ti.n. Lentulus, consul,   over the Ligurians, id.Interk.

[235/4]   T. Manlius T.f. T.n. Torquatus, consul,   over the Sardinians, 6 id.Mart. {10th March}

[234/3]   Sp. Carvilius Sp.f. C.n. Maximus, consul,   over the Sardinians, k.Apr. {1st April}

233/2   Q. Fabius Q.f. Q.n. Maximus Verrucosus, consul,   over the Ligurians, k.Feb. {1st February}

[233/2]   M'. Pomponius M'.f. M'.n. Matho, consul,   over the Sardinians, id.Mart. {15th March}

231/0   C. Papirius C.f. L.n. Maso, consul,   over the Corsicans, the first triumph on the Alban Mount, 3 non.Mart. {5th March}

228/7   Cn. Fulvius Cn.f. Cn.n. Centumalus, proconsul,   naval triumph over the Illyrians, 10 k.Quint. {21st June}

225/4   L. Aemilius Q.f. Cn.n. Papus, consul,   over the Gauls, 3 non.Mart. {5th March}

223/2   C. Flaminius C.f. L.n., consul,   over the Gauls, 6 id.Mart. {10th March}

223/2   P. Furius Sp.f. M.n. Philus, consul,   over the Gauls and Ligurians, 4 id.Mart. {12th March}

[222/1]   M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, proconsul,   over the Insubrian Gauls and the Germans, k.Mart. {1st March}
          - he brought back the spolia opima after killing the enemy leader, Virdumarus, at Clastidium

    [some lines lost]


[197/6]   [Q. Minucius C.f. C.n. Rufus, consul,]   over the G[auls and the Ligurians, on the] Alban [Mount, ...]

[196/5]   M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, consul,   over the Insubrian Gauls, 4 non.Mart. {4th March}

[196/5]   Cn. Cornelius [ ... ] Blasio,   - because he had an irregular [command] in Nearer Spain, [he was allowed] an ovation [over the Celtiberi ...]

[195/4]   M. Helv[ius ... proconsul,   an ovation over the Celtiberi ... ]

[195/4]   Q. Mi[nucius Q.f. L.n. Thermus,] proconsul,   [from Further Spain ... ]

[194/3]   M. Por[cius M.f. Cato, proconsul,]   from [Nearer Spain ... ]

[194/3]   T. Quinc[tius T.f. L.n. Flamininus,] proconsul,   [from Macedonia and king] Philippus [for three days ... ]

[191/0]   M. Fulvius M.f. Ser.n. Nobilior proconsul,   an ov[ation from Further Spain], 15 k.Jan. {16 December}


[191/0]   P. Cornelius [Cn.f. L.n. Nasica, consul,   over the Boian Gauls ... ]

[189/8]   [L. Aemilius M.f. ... Regillus, pro]praetor,   naval triumph from Asia over king Antiochus, k.Feb. {1st February}

[189/8]   L. Cornelius P.f. L.n. Scipio, proconsul,   from Asia over [king Antiochus, pr. k.Mart.] {28th February}

[188/7]   Q. Fabius Q.f. Q.n. Labeo, [praetor,]   naval triumph [from] Asia over king Antiochus, non.Feb. {5th February}

[187/6]   [M. Ful]vius M.f. Ser.n. Nobil[ior {II}, [consul,   over the Aetolians and Ceph[allenia, 10 k.Jan.] {21st December}

[187/6]   [Cn. Manlius] Cn.f. L.n. Vulso, [consul,   from Asia over the Gauls, 3 non.Mart.] {5th March}

    [about 19 lines lost]

178/7   [Ti. Sempronius P.f. Ti.n.] Gracchus, [proconsul,   over the Celt]iberi and Spaniards, 3 non.F[eb.] {3rd February}

178/7   [L. Postumius] A.f. A.n. Albinus, pro[consul,   from] Lusitania and Spain, pr. non.Feb. {4th February}

[177/6]   C. Claudius [Ap.f. P.n.] Pulcher, consul,   over the Istri and Ligurians, k.Interk.

[175/4]   Ti. Sempronius P.f. Ti.n. Gracchus {II}, proconsul,   from Sardinia, Terminalia {23rd February}

[175/4]   M. Titin[ius ...] M.n. Curvus, pro[consul,   from Nearer Spain ... ]


[175/4]   M. Aemilius M.f. M.n. Lepidus, consul {II},   over the Ligurians, 4 id.[Mart.] {12th March}

[175/4]   P. Mucius Q.f. P.n. Scaevola, consul,   over the Ligurians, 4 id.[Mart.] {12th March}

[174/3]   Ap. Claudius C.f. Ap.n. Centho, pro[consul],   an ovation from Celtiberia in Spain, [k.Mart.] {1st March}

[172/1]   [C. Ci]cer[eius ... who had been] a scribe, propraetor,   on the Alban Mount from Corsica, k.Oct. {1st October}

[167/6]   L. Aemilius L.f. M.n. Paullus {II}, proconsul,   from Macedonia and king Perseus, for three days, 4, 3, pr. k.Dec. {from 27th to 29th November}

[167/6]   Cn. Octavius Cn.f. Cn.n., propraetor,   naval triumph from Macedonia and king Perseus, k.Dec. {1st December}

167/6   L. Anicius L.f. M.n. Gallus, propraetor,   over king Genthius and the Illyrians, Quirinalia {17th February}


166/5   M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, consul,   over the Contrubian Gauls, Ligurians and Eleates, k.Interk.

166/5   [C. Sulpici]us C.f. C.n. Galus, consul,   over the Ligurian Ta[...]rni, 10 k.Mart. {20th February}

[158/7]   [M. Fulvius] M.f. M.n. Nobilior, proconsul,   over Ligurian Eleates, 12 k.Sept. {19th August}

[155/4]   [M. Claudius] M.f. M.n. Marcellus {II}, consul {II},   [over the ...]es and Apua[ni, ... ]

[155/4]   [P. Cornelius] P.f. Cn.n. [Scipio Nasica, consul {II]},   over the Dalmatians ... ]

    [about 33 lines lost]

129   C. Sempronius C.f. C.n. Tuditanus, consul,   over the Iapydes, k.Oct. {1st October}

126   M'. Aquillius M'.f. M'.n., proconsul,   from Asia, 3 id.Nov. {11th November}

123   M. Fulvius M.f. Q.n. Flaccus, pro[consul,   over the Li]gurians, Vocontii and Salluvii [ ... ]


[122]   C. Sextius C.f. C.n. Calvinus, proconsul,   over the Ligurians, Vocontii and Salluvii [ ... ]

[122]   L. Aurelius L.f. L.n. Orestes, proconsul,   from Sardinia, 6 id.Dec. {8th December}

[121]   Q. Caecilius Q.f. Q.n. Metellus Balearicus, proconsul,   over the Baleares, pr. n[on... ]

[120]   Q. Fabius Q.Aemiliani f. Q.n. Maximus, proconsul,   over the Allobroges and Bituitus, king of the Arverni, 10 k.[... ]

[120]   Cn. Domitius Cn.f. Cn.n. Ahenobarbus, proconsul,   over the Arvernian Gauls, 16 k.[... ]

[117]   L. Caecilius L.f. Q.n. Metellus Delmaticus, proconsul,   over the Dalmatians, 3 n[on... ]

[117]   Q. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Rex, proconsul,   over the Ligurian Styni, 3 non.Dec. {3rd December}

115   M. Aemilius M.f. L.n. Scaurus, consul,   over the Carnian Gauls, 5 [...De]c.

111   M. Caecilius Q.f. Q.n. Mete[llus, pro]consul,   from Sardinia, [id.Quin]t. {15th July}

111   [C. Caeci]lius Q.f. Q.n. [Metellus Capruarius, proconsul,   from Thrace, id.]Quint. {15th July}


110   [M. Livius C.f. M.Aemiliani n.] Drusus, [proconsul,   over the Scordisci] and Macedonians, k.Mai. {1st May}

107   [Q. Servilius Cn.f. Cn.n.] Caepio, pro[consul,   from Further Spain], 5 k.Nov. {28th October}

106   [Q. Caecilius L.f. Q.n. Metel]lus Numidicus, [proconsul,   over the Numidians and] king Jugurtha, [ ... ]

106   [M. Minucius Q.f. ... Rufus, pro]consul,   [over the Scordisci and Thracians, [ ...]k.Sext.

104   [C. Marius C.f. C.n., consul {II},   over the Numidians and king Jugurtha, k.Jan.] {1st January}

    [11 lines lost]

    {the following line was crossed out, but then reinstated}

98   L. Cornelius P.f. L.n. Dolabella, proconsul,   from Further Spain over the Lusitani, 5 k.Feb. {26th January}

93   T. Didius T.f. Ser.n. {II}, proconsul,   from Spain over the Celtiberi, 4 id.Jun. {10th June}

93   P. Licinius M.f. P.n. Crassus, proconsul,   over the Lusitani, pr. id.Jun. {12th June}

89   Cn. Pompeius Sex.f. Cn.n. Strabo, consul,   over the Picentes of Asculum, 6 k.Jan. {25th December}


88   [P.] Servilius C.f. M.n. Vatia, propraetor,   [over ...], 12 k.Nov. {21st October}

81   [L. Cornelius L.f. P.n. Sull]a Felix, dictator,   [over king Mithridates,] 4, 3 k.Feb. {27th & 28th January}

81   [L. Licinius L.f. ... Murena, propraetor,   over king Mithridates, ... ]

    [about 30 lines lost]

[62]   [Q. Caecilius C.f. Q.n. Metellus Creticus, proconsul,   from the island of Crete, ...]k.Jun.

61   [Cn. Pompeius Cn.f. Sex.n. Magnus {III},] proconsul,   [from Asia, Pontus, Armenia, Paphla]gonia, Cappadocia, [Cilicia, Syria, the Scythians, the Jews, Alb]ania and the pirates, [for two days, 3, pr. k.O] ct. {28th & 29th September]

54   [C. Pomptinus ..., propraetor,   over the Allobroges, {?} 4 non.Nov.] {2nd November}

    [about 16 lines lost]

[45]   Q. Fabius Q.f. Q.n. Maximus, consul,   from Spain, 3 id.Oct. {13th October}

[45]   Q. Pedius M.f., proconsul,   from Spain, id.Dec. {13th December}

[44]   C. Julius C.f. C.n. Caesar {VI}, dictator {IV},   an ovation on the Alban Mount, 7 k.Feb. {26th January}


[43]   L. Munatius L.f. L.n. Plancus, proconsul,   from Gaul, 4 k.Jan. {29th December}

[43]   M. Aemilius M.f. Q.n. Lepidus {II}, triumvir r.p.c., proconsul,   from Spain, pr. k.[Jan.] {31st December}

[42]   P. Vatinius P.f., proconsul,   over Illyricum, pr. [k.Sext.] {31st July}

[41]   L. Antonius M.f. M.n., consul,   from the Alps, [k.Jan.] {1st January}

[40]   Imp. Caesar Divi f., triumvir r.p.c.,   an ovation because he made peace with M. Antonius [ ... ]

[40]   M. Antonius M.f. M.n., triumvir r.p.c.,   an ovation because he made peace with Imp. Caesar [ ... ]

[39]   L. Marcius L.f. C.n. Censorinus, consul,   from Macedonia, k.Jan. {1st January}

[? 39]   C. Asinius Cn.f. Pollio, proconsul,   from the Parthini, 8 k.Nov. {25th October}

[38]   P. Ventidius P.f., proconsul,   from Mount Taurus and the Parthians, 5 k.Dec. {27th November}

36   Cn. Domitius M.f. M.n. Calvinus, proconsul,   from Spain, 16 k.Sext. {17th July}

36   Imp. Caesar Divi f. {II}, triumvir r.p.c. {II},   an ovation from Sicily, id.Nov. {13th November}


34   T. Statilius T.f. Taurus, proconsul,   from Africa, pr. k.Jul. {30th June}

34   C. Sosius C.f. T.n., proconsul,   from Judaea, 3 non.Sept. {3rd September}

34   C. Norbanus C.f. Flaccus, proconsul,   from Spain, 4 id.Oct. {12th October}

    [about 17 lines lost]

[28]   [C. Carrinas C.f. ..., proconsul,   from Gaul,] pr. [id.Jul.] {14th July}

[28]   L. Autronius P.f. L.n. Paetus, proconsul,   from Africa, 17 k.Sept. {16th August}

27   M. Licinius M.f. M.n. Crassus, proconsul,   from Thrace and the Getae, 4 non.Jul. {4th July}

27   M. Valerius M.f. M.n. Messalla Corvinus, proconsul,   from Gaul, 7 k.Oct. {25th September}

26   Sex. Appuleius Sex.f. Sex.n., proconsul,   from Spain, 7 k.Feb. {26th January}

21   L. Sempronius L.f. L.n. Atratinus, proconsul,   from Africa, 4 id.Oct. {12th October}

19   L. Cornelius P.f. Balbus, proconsul,   from Africa, 6 k.Apr. {27th March}


Each line in the list of triumphs follows a fixed format, containing the following information:

Glossary of Tribes and Peoples

Aequi A tribe in the mountains on the eastern border of Latium
Albanians A tribe on the west side of the Caspian Sea
Allobroges A tribe by the river Rhone in Gaul
Anagnini Inhabitants of Anagnia, a town in Latium, the chief town of the Hernici
Antemnates Inhabitants of Antemnae, a town of the Sabines
Antiates Inhabitants of Antium, a town on the coast of Latium
Apuani A Ligurian tribe
Apulians Inhabitants of Apulia, in S.E. Italy
Arverni A tribe in Aquitania, southern Gaul
Aurunci A tribe on the southern border of Latium

Baleares Inhabitants of the Balearic Islands
Boii A tribe of Gauls, who migrated to northern Italy, near Mutina {Modena}
Bruttii Inhabitants of Bruttium, in the S.W. tip of Italy

Caeninenses Inhabitants of Caenina, a Sabine town in Latium
Caleni An Ausonian tribe in Campania
Carni An Alpine tribe, on the north-east border of Italy
Celtiberi A powerful tribe in central/N.E. Spain
Contrubii A tribe of Gauls, near the Alps
Cossurenses Inhabitants of Cosyra, a small island near Malta

Eleates A Ligurian tribe, near the Alps

Falisci Inhabitants of Falerii, a town in Etrura

Getae Thracian tribe, by the river Danube

Hernici A Sabine tribe in Latium.

Iapydes A tribe in northern Illyricum.
Insubres A tribe of Gauls, who migrated to northern Italy, near Mediolanum {Milan}
Istri Inhabitants of Istria, on the north-east coast of the Adriatic Sea

Latins Inhabitants of Latium, the region surrounding Rome
Lavinii Inhabitants of Lavinii, a town in Latium
Lucani Inhabitants of Lucania, in S.W. Italy
Lusitani A tribe in western Iberia {modern Portugal}

Marsi A tribe in central Italy, to the east of Latium
Medullini Inhabitants of Medullia, a Sabine town in Latium
Messapii Inhabitants of Messapia {Calabria}, in the S.E. tip of Italy

Nequinates Inhabitants of Nequinum, a town in Umbria, eastern Italy

Palaeopolitani Inhabitants of Palaeopolis, a Greek city in Campania
Parthini An Illyrian tribe, near Dyrrachium
Pedani Inhabitants of Pedum, a town in Latium
Picentes Inhabitants of Umbria, in eastern Italy
Privernates Inhabitants of Privernum, a Volscian town in Latium

Regini Inhabitants of Rhegium, a Greek city on the coast of Bruttium

Sabines A tribe based in the mountains of central Italy
Sallentini A tribe in Calabria, S.E. Italy
Salluvii A tribe on the south coast of Gaul, between the Rhone and the Alps
Sassinates Inhabitants of Sassina {Sarsina}, a town in Umbria, eastern Italy
Satricani Inhabitants of Satricum, a city in Latium
Scordisci A Celtic tribe, to the north of Illyricum, by the river Sava
Sidicini An Ausonian tribe in N.W. Campania
Sorani Inhabitants of Sora, a Volscian town in Latium
Styni A Ligurian tribe, near the Alps

Tarentines Inhabitants of Tarentum, a Greek city on the coast of Calabria
Tarquinienses Inhabitants of Tarquinii, a city in Etruria
Tiburtes Inhabitants of Tibur, a town in Latium

Veientes Inhabitants of Veii, a city in Etruria
Veliterni Inhabitants of Velitrae, a Volscian town in Latium
Vocontii A tribe in sout-west Gaul
Volsci A tribe in Latium, by the river Liris
Volsones An unknown people - or perhaps an abbreviation of Vulsinienses
Vulcientes Inhabitants of Vulcii, a city in Etruria
Vulsinienses Inhabitants of Vulsinii, a city in Etruria

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