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  Britain   - a large island, off the north-west coast of Gaul
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  + Britains , Britannia , British , Briton , Britons
150/11 silia and other cities, and makes enquiries about the British Isles.
55/29 C.Volusenus sails across to Britain, to gather information about the
55/33 Julius Caesar lands in Britain, despite resistance from British force
55/35 Caesar's ships are damaged by a high tide on the coast of Britain.
55/36 The British gather fresh forces to attack Caesar, but he overcomes
55/37 Caesar leaves Britain, after demanding hostages.
54/10 nstructs a new fleet in preparation for another invasion of Britain.
54/13 Caesar sails over to Britain, and lands there without resistance.
54/14 The Britons take refuge in a camp within a wood, but they are overwhe
54/27 nus is appointed to lead the Britons; he assembles an army and attack
54/28 Caesar's cavalry defeats the Britons.
54/30 a ford, despite the sharpened stakes placed there by the Britons.
54/31 The Trinovantes and other British tribes surrender to Caesar.
54/36 The Britons agree terms with Caesar, and promise to hand over hostage
54/38 Caesar leaves Britain, and sails back to Gaul.
54/39 General comments on Caesar's invasion of Britain.
54/40 Quintus, replying to several letters sent by Quintus from Britain.
51/31 Commius sails to Britain, to escape from Caesar.
34/3 ctavianus sets out to invade Britain, but returns on hearing of unres
Nennius,- NENNIUS, Historia Brittonum
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_147   pposing force. The Briton whom Roman prowess has not vanqu
Aelian:NA_15.8   cean where the island of Britain is, though this kind has
Athen_6.273   ever crossed over to the British isles with a thousand ves
Cic:Fam_15.16   inking about the Isle of Britain, will the image of that
Diod_40.7   ibe Caesar's invasion of Britain at the appropriate time}
Festus:Brev_3   the Spains added, and Gaul and Britain made tributaries.
Festus:Brev_6   the Rhine, crossed to Britain, and, in the tenth year,
NicDam_130.95   anced westward as far as Britain and the Ocean, and who
Oros_1.2.70   the Ocean islands called Britannia and Hibernia, which are
Oros_6.8-10 *   they summoned assistance even from Britain.
Oros_7.17   Severus was drawn to the British provinces by the revolt of
Oros_7.25   and seized control of the British provinces.
Oros_7.28   death of Constantius in Britain, Constantine was proclaimed emperor.
Oros_7.34   emperor. The army in Britain proclaimed Maximus emperor against
Oros_7.40   Gaul, Gratian, a townsman of Britain, was set up in that
Oros_7.5-7 *   on the sea-coast opposite Britain. There he received the
Plinius:Ep_6.15   jurisprudence, legate in Britain, Upper Germany, and Syria
Polyaen_6.Preface   onquered Moors, the subjugated Britons, and the humbled
Polyaen_8.23.5   over a large river in Britain was disputed by the Briti
ValMax_3.2.23   hands upon the island of Britain, he was carried with four

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