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  Baebius 6   (C. Baebius) - tribune of the plebs at Rome, 111 B.C.
111/12 is prevented from addressing the people by the tribune C.Baebius.

  Baebius 7   (C. Baebius) - appointed as Roman commander against the Italians, 89 B.C.
89/16 ar(?) dies at Asculum, and is succeeded in his command by C.Baebius.

  Baebius 8   (M. Baebius) - a Roman citizen, killed by Marius in 87 B.C.
87/51 P.Lentulus, C.Numitorius, M.Baebius and other prominent Romans are

  Baebius 12   - a Roman citizen, killed by Sulla in 81 B.C.
81/3 ding Q.Aurelius (? Lollius), Baebius, Q.Caecilius, Carrinas, Damasipp

  Baebius 13   - an officer of Vatinius in Illyria
44/94 The Illyrians defeat Baebius, an officer of Vatinius.

  Baebius 14   Macer - a Roman at the games in honour of Julius Caesar, 44 B.C.
Aug:Fr_12.7 ar] of his father. Baebius Macer said that a large star

  Baebius   - in documents*
CIL_11.623 wife. CIL_11.623 Latin Text C. Baebius. Found at Forum
CIL_1.2269 tagena, now lost? Lucius Baebius, son of Marcus; Lu
SelPap_2.211 except on the order of Baebius my friend and secret
SelPap_2.224 Baebius Juncinus to the stra

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