Latin Inscriptions: Dedications (2)

Inscriptions from the time of the Roman Republic, translated by E.H.Warmington (1940). Warmington tended to avoid transcribing long lists of names; the names have been added back in this version. The numbers in red refer to the Latin text in the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

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Construction and dedication of public works by 'magistri' of the 'Ager Campanus'.


Latin Text

[i] Unknown works. Found at Capua. 112 or 111 B.C.

Gnaeus Minatius and Publius Pomponius, freedmen of Marcus, foremen of the guild of merchants, superintended . . . in the consulship of . . . Calpurnius . . .


Latin Text

[ii] A wall to Hope, Faith, and Fortune. Found at Capua. 110 B.C.

. . .

These foremen superintended the construction of a wall to belong to Spes {"Hope"}, Fides {"Faith"}, and Fortuna, in the consulship of Marcus Minucius and Spurius Postumius.


Latin Text

[iii] A wall to Venus? Found at Capua. 108 B.C.

These foremen superintended the building of a wall 270 ft. long to belong to Venus, daughter of Jupiter, and held games, in the consulship of Servius Sulpicius and Marcus Aurelius.


Latin Text

[iv] A wall to Ceres. Found at Capua. 106 B.C.

These foremen superintended the construction of a wall and a parapet 80 ft. long, 21 ft. high, to belong to Ceres, and likewise held games, in the consulship of Gaius Atilius and Quintus Servilius.


Latin Text

[v] A wall to Castor and Pollux. Found at Caserta. 106 B.C.

These foremen superintended the construction of a wall and a parapet to belong to Castor and Pollux, and likewise held games, in the consulship of Quintus Servilius and Gaius Atilius.


Latin Text

[vi] A wall and other works. Found in an old wall at the foot of Mons Tifata. 99 B.C.

. . . In the consulship of Marcus Antonius and Aulus Postumius these foremen superintended the construction, out of Diana's offertory, of a wall from the step to the corner-chamber, and a corner-chamber and an arcade, in front of the kitchen, - ft. long, and marble statues of Castor and Pollux; likewise the purchase of a private place for them.


Latin Text

[vii] Works for household Gods. Found at Capua. 98 B.C. Known from copies.

The following servants superintended the making of this work to belong to the Household Gods:

These blocks and the making of this floor and . . in the consulship of Quintus Caecilius son of Quintus, grandson of Quintus, and Titus Didius, son of Titus.


Latin Text

[viii] A reservoir to Jupiter. Tablet found at Capua. 84 B.C.

These foremen superintended the making of a reservoir, to belong to Jupiter, out of the offertory and out of their own purse, in the second consulship of Gnaeus Papirius Carbo.


Latin Text

[ix] An altar to Jupiter; origin and date unknown.

{One one side}:

{On the front}: Sacred to Jupiter.

{On the back}: Let no one whitewash this altar.


Latin Text

[x] Additions to accommodation for shows at Capua. c. 106-92 B.C.? Not dedicated?

built a platform and a block of seats for women, and held games, in the consulship of . . .


Latin Text

[xi] Additions to a theatre. Found 'ad S. Prisci.' Before 71 B.C. Not dedicated?

superintended the making of two blocks of seats in the theatre.


Latin Text

[xii] Statute of the Pagus Herculaneus in the territory of Capua. On a pedestal found apparently near Caserta. 94 B.C.

The inscription records a statute forming a public document, but is reasonably classed amomg these dedicatory inscriptions of the Ager Campanus and Minturnae.

The Hamlet of Hercules resolved, ten days before the Festival of the God of Boundaries, that the guild {alternatively the foremen} for Jupiter Fellow-villager should spend, according to decree of the hamlet, a sum of money on repairing a portico of the hamlet at the will and pleasure of the overseer of the village Gnaeus Laetorius son of Gnaeus; and that for the said guild {alternatively the foremen} for Jupiter Fellow-villager there should be a place reserved in the theatre as if they had held games.

In the consulship of Gaius Coelius Caldus son of Gaius, and Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, son of Gnaeus.

Dedications, on oblong rectangular slabs to serve as altars, by magistri and magistrae of Minturnae. Early part of the first century B.C. Four of the twenty-nine stones.


Latin Text

[i] In the year of office of Members of the Board of Two. These forewomen present this as a gift to Venus:


Latin Text

[ii] These foremen present this as a gift to Spes {"Hope"}:


Latin Text



Latin Text

[iv] In the year of office of Publius Hirrius son of Marcus and Publius Stahius son of Publius, Members of the Board of Two. These foremen present this as a gift to Mercury the Blest:

Similar dedications from other regions.


Latin Text

Net-fighters of Puteoli. c. 106-92 B.C.

To Mercury from the net-fighters . . ., the giving hereof was superintended by the overseers:


Latin Text

Works dedicated to the Good Goddess at 'Pagus Lavernus' or Lavernae. Found at Prezza.

Lucius Statius Chilo son of Gnaeus, Lucius Pettius Pausa son of Gaius, Gaius Pettius Gemellus son of Vibius, and Lucius Tattius Coxsa son of Titus, foremen at Lavernae, superintended, by decree of the hamlet, the construction of a wall of quarry-stone, a gate, a colonnade, and a temple to belong to Bona Dea {"Good Goddess"}; and acceptably completed the same.


Latin Text

Theatre. Found at Prezza.

Titus Annius Rufus son of Titus, Lucius Septimius Dentio son of Salvius, and Lucius Annius Gritto, son of Titus, foremen, superintended, by decree of the hamlet, the construction of a theatre. Acceptably completed by Titus Annius Rufus, son of Titus, and Lucius Annius Gritto, son of Titus.

Public works dedicated at Rome.


Latin Text

On the Janiculum. Tablet of stone.

Pupius, son of Aulus, foreman of the Janiculan district, superintended, by a vote of the district, the construction of a colonnade, a store-room, a kitchen, and an altar.


Latin Text

On a floor.

Foremen of the Janiculan district superintended, by a vote of the district, the construction of . . and a wall, and likewise acceptably completed them.


Latin Text

On the Mons Oppius, Rome. Tablet of stone.

Foremen and mountain-priests of Mount Oppius superintended, out of the mountain-fund of Mount Oppius, the inclosure and levelling off of a chapel and the planting of trees.


Latin Text

On the Tiber-island, Rome.

Lucius Rutilius Artemidorus, freedman of Lucius, Aulus Carvilius Diodorus, freedman of Lucius, and Publius Sulpicius Philocomus, freedman of Quintus, chairmen of the guild of Goat's-flesh Gall-wine, superintended the construction of this work by decree of the local Senate.


Latin Text

Dedication at Tusculum. On a stone cippus. c. 106-92 B.C.

The temple-keepers of the temple of Castor and Pollux, by decree of the local senators. . . .

. . . as foremen superintended the construction.


Latin Text

Dedication at Delos. Tablet. Bilingual. 113 B.C.

Foremen of Mercury, of Apollo, and of Neptune superintended this offering to Hercules, and likewise performed the dedication, in the consulship of Gnaeus Papirius and Gaius Caecilius.

The Greek translation does not distinguish the freedmen from the freeborn.


Latin Text

Lucius Oppius and others. On a pedestal found at Delos. c. 150 B.C. or earlier. Bilingual.

foremen, bestowed this as a gift on Mercury and Maia.

Greek text follows - see GRA_7361.


Latin Text

Marcus Granius and others. Tablet of marble, Delos, second century B.C. Bilingisal.

Greek text precedes.

set up image of Jupiter God of Freedom.

Dedications at Praeneste to Fortuna Primigenia.


Latin Text

[a] Gig-makers. Now lost.

Gig-makers of Praeneste bestowed this as a gift on Fortuna Primigenia; superintended by the foremen Tosenianus Licinus, freedman of Lucius, and Marcus Pompeius Heliodorus. Assistants: Nicephorus slave of Gaius Talabaraus, and Nicephorus slave of Mitreus.


Latin Text

[b] Cooks. On a broken pedestal.

Cooks of the Hall bestowed this as a gift on Fortuna Primigenia. Foremen: Rodos, slave of Orcevius. . .: Artemo, slave of Quintus Dindius; Apollinaris slave of Protus, slave of Aemilius . . .


Latin Text

[c] Cattle-merchants. Found at Praeneste, now lost.

The guild of cattle-merchants. Superintended by the following foremen: Lucius Mucius, son of Publius; Gaius Patronius, freedman of Gaius. They bestowed this as a gift on Fortuna Primigenia, willingly and deservedly.


Latin Text

[d] Lucius Decumius. On stone. Praeneste.

To Fortuna Primigenia; bestowed as a gift by Lucius Decumius.


Latin Text

Guilds of coppersmiths. On stone. Rome. c. 106-92 B.C.

The guilds of coppersmiths bestow this as a gift on Fors Fortuna. Foremen: Gaius Carvilius freedman of Marcus; Lucius Munius . . . lacus freedman of Lucius, Servants of the temple of Marica (?) . . . Decimus Quinctius.


Latin Text

Guild of butchers. A small stone pedestal. Rome,

To Fors Fortuna a gift from a guild: the butchers "near the Fishpond"; superintended by the foremen Aulus Cassius freedman of Gaius, Titus Cornelius, freedman of Cornelia.


Latin Text

Guilds of florists. Small stone pedestal. Rome.

To Fors Fortuna from violet-dealers, rose-dealers and garland dealers. Foremen superintended (?).


Latin Text

Faliscan cooks in Sardinia. Bronze plate. Found at Falerii. c. 125 B.C.

[a] On one side.

To Jupiter Juno and Minerva a gift bestowed by Faliscans who are in Sardinia; Lucius Latrius, son of Kaeso, and Gaius Salvena son of Volta were the foremen who superintended.

[b] On the other side. Saturnians.

Cooks - a guild that is acceptable for making a pleasant pastime, and is richly endowed for pursuit of good living and for making holiday - who time and again garnish banquets and games with their own clever tricks by the aid of Vulcanus, bestowed this on their All-Highest Commanders, desiring that they may be pleased to help them nobly.

Dedications to Good Spirit.


Latin Text

[i] Found at Cora? Second century B.C.

To Mens Bona {"Good Spirit"}. Slaves contributed . . . sestertii . . . 3055 given by the ten foremen


Latin Text

[ii] An altar-stone presented by three freedmen. Alba Fucens. Second century B.C.

Nicomachus Safinius, slave of Lucius; Papia Atiedia, slave-woman of Lucius; Dorotheus Tettienius, slave of Titus bestow this foundation-stone as a gift on Mens Bona {"Good Spirit"}.


Latin Text

The Julii. On an altar found at Bovillae. Time of Sulla?

[a] {On the front} Clansmen of the Julii to Father Vediovis.

[b] {On one side} An altar to Vediovis.

[c] {On the back.} Dedicated in the Alban terms of ritual.


Latin Text

Dedication at New Carthage in Spain. Found at Cartagena, now lost?

Lucius Baebius, son of Marcus; Lucius Catius, son of Marcus; Lucius Taurius, son of Lucius; and Servius Aefolanus, son of . . ., superintended the dedication of a column, a procession, and games in honour of the Genius {guardian god} of the town.


Latin Text

Dedication of c. 90 B.C., Aquileia. Stone slab.

From gifts. Dedicated by Lucius Babrinius, son of Lucius, and Kaeso Vibius, son of Kaeso.


Latin Text

A statue of Concordia at Casinum, 40 B.C. Thought to be a response to the Pact of Brundisium in that year.

M. Papius M.f. and L. Matrius L.f., duumviri for the administration of justice, superintended the restoration of this statue of Concordia, by decree of the senate. They dedicated it, and superintended the construction of the base, step and altar at their own expense. They acceptably completed it on 12th October, when Cn. Domitius and C.Asinius were consuls.

CIL_12.2236   Dedication to Jupiter Secundanus on the island of Delos (c. 100 B.C.) :   see GRA_21481

CIL_12.2238   Dedication of an altar to Maia on the island of Delos (142-134 B.C.) :   see GRA_21455

CIL_12.2240   Dedication to Mercury and Maia on the island of Delos (c. 125 B.C.) :   see GRA_1624

CIL_12.2241   Dedication of a temple to Mercury and Maia on Delos (c. 140 B.C.) :   see GRA_21309

CIL_12.2244   Dedication to Neptune on the island of Delos (c. 125 B.C.) :   see GRA_1626

CIL_3.14717,5   Trilingual Stele of Cornelius Gallus (29 B.C.) :   see OGIS_654

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