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  Hermias   of Cos - a doctor, 3rd century B.C.
219/16 cree of Cnossus thanking Cos for the services of the doctor Hermias.

  Hermias 2   - son of Ptolemy; Egyptian, 3rd century B.C.
117/8 report of a trial in which Hermias sought ownership of a house

  Hermias   - in documents
DionHal:Din_11 42. Defence for Hermias, supervisor of the trade-exchan
OGIS_101 (205-181)   a and their children, Hermias and his wife Philo
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   odes son of Demophon Hermias son of Ammonios Papias
OGIS_59 (163)   os son of Di... Kallistratos Hermias Philoxenos son
SEG_57.510 (140-130)   were Diotimos son of Hermias, Aristokrates son of P
SelPap_1.106 also asked your brother Hermias by letter to inform
SelPap_1.155 lady and daughter Heliodora. Hermias salutes you. {A
SelPap_1.162 Hermias to his sister g
SelPap_1.164 lord and brother Horion from Hermias. I shall be sur
SelPap_1.68 (92 or 59)   sian of the Epigone, to Hermias also called Hergeus
SelPap_1.77 son of Sarapion son of Hermias, of the Phylaxithalas
SelPap_2.241 aesar, Aspidas father of Hermias the ex-cosmetes, b
SelPap_2.243 nomophylax, said : Hermias and Dius, sword-bearers,
SelPap_2.260 ilotas said : I give you Hermias the ex-agoranomus and
Syll_322 Melas - by birth son of Hermias Melas son of Menekr
Syll_636 (178)   son of Ophelemos; Hermias of Oropos, the son of
THI_107 (188-186)   nthos son of Polites Hermias son of Polites Melanth
THI_110 (294-289)   eangela, the son of Hermias, citizenship on an equa
THI_151 (145-137)   of Larisa the son of Hermias was general, on the tw
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   f Rhodes, the son of Hermias Poets of new tragedies
THI_61.D (173-169)   sianax second:   Hermias of Halikarnassos, the

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