Select Papyri, 2.243


Greek text: PSI 1100
Date:   A.D. 161.

From the minutes of his excellency the epistrategos Vedius Faustus. Extract : Faustus after holding an inquiry along with the council of Harpocration, strategos of the divisions of Themistes and Polemon, said : According to my investigations and the orders of the most illustrious praefect it will be necessary to go and ask his decision ; and I will let him know all the results of the meeting held by me. The following persons shall be prepared to go down under caution for his decision : Dius the nomophylax, Demetrius and Epimachus who assisted him to take Harpaesis into custody, and also the keepers of the palaestra Heracleides and Mysthes. Dius, nomophylax, said : Hermias and Dius, sword-bearers, also assisted us to take Harpaesis into custody. Faustus ordered them to be called ; when they failed to answer, he said : If they do not present themselves, the appropriate action will be taken. Arius also, the secretary of Harpocration the strategos, will give caution for the appearance of Harpocras the assistant ; for he too is required. Harpocration, strategos, said : I have in granaries 92 artabas of wheat, 191/2 of barley, 81 of lentils, and other produce besides. The measuring-out of these is my concern, and I am uneasy lest with the object of defrauding me they be carried away and lost to the treasury. Faustus asked : Carried away by whom ? He replied : " By the sitologi and the others. If therefore you think good, appoint some persons to keep check." Faustus said : "... about this." He replied : " I will not cease to exert myself (?) at this season until the business is settled." Faustus asked : " How much time is needed for the measuring out ?" He replied: The most illustrious praefect ordered it to be done in 30 days, but we shall need more than that. Faustus said : As I said before, I will explain all the matter to the most illustrious praefect ; this circumstance too I will explain to him likewise, that the measuring-out is most urgent, in order that he may command what he thinks best to be done. Harpocration, strategos, said : Meanwhile then you order me to remain? Faustus said; " Wait and continue to do what is necessary ; for I will write to him to let me know if he wishes you to come at once." The 2nd year of Antoninus and Verus the lords Augusti, 28th of the month Hadrianus.

papyrus 244

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