Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 636


Greek text:   CID_4.108
Date:     178 B.C.
Tags:     land_ownership
Format:   see key to translations

In the list of hieromnemones at the beginning of this inscription there are two representatives of king Perseus, which suggests that at the start of his reign Perseus was able to establish good relations with the important sanctuary of Delphi.   The historian Polybios says that Perseus was making a concerted effort to win popularity in Greece at this time ( 25.3 ).

When Praxias was archon at Delphi, at the Pythian games, it was resolved by the hieromnemones, namely:

The sacred lands shall be a place reserved for the sacred cows and horses. The boundaries are: from the road that leads to Astyron, as the road leads to Paipalidas and to the Lakonikon; from the Lakonikon to the left [straight] along the valley of Hierapeteia, as the cross-border road to the [Lakonikon] leads from the horse-racing course . . . it shall be available for [grazing] by the sacred cows and horses. [It shall not be permitted] to bring privately-owned animals [to this place, or to the spring] which is by the Kerameia and the [well in front of the] herōon of Hellanikos. If anyone takes their animals to graze [in this] place, [anyone] who wishes shall be authorised [to seize their young] and full-grown [animals]. The magistrates of Delphi shall inscribe this decree in the temple.

inscription 637

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