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  Ennius   (Q. Ennius) - Roman poet, 2nd century B.C.
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  + Ennian
239/27 The birth of the poet Ennius.
204/30 Cato returns from Africa to Rome, together with the poet Q.Ennius.
196/15 M.Cornelius Cethegus is praised by Ennius for his eloquence.
189/9 Fulvius besieges Ambracia, with the poet Ennius in his retinue.
172/16 Q.Ennius completes the twelfth book of his Annales.
169/10 ipio Nasica jokingly rebukes Ennius after being refused entry to his
169/11 The death of the poet Ennius.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_116 & Suda_E'1348 , & M'359 & & Ennius, the Roman poet. [11
Cic:Brut_* 57-60 * is attested by Q. Ennius, a witness of the highest credib
Cic:Brut_* 71-79 * ous man: . . . Old Ennius here speaks of himself; nor does
Ennius:Ann_1 cation of the Muses VARRO : In Ennius there is . . . Muses
Ennius:Ann_2 readers : Homer, seen by Ennius on Mount Helicon in a drea
Ennius:Ann_* 5-7 * appears CICERO : When Ennius has dreamed, this is what
Ennius:Ann_* 11-32 * statement of . . . Ennius - And earth who herself bestowed
Ennius:Ann_* 49-62 * and quickly' . . . Ennius in the first book of the Annales
Ennius:Ann_65 they seek again. Ennius in the first book - The waters
Ennius:Ann_66 ne.' This same verb is used by Ennius ... - the broken pla
Ennius:Ann_70 CHARISIUS : Fici. Ennius - sweet-bearing figs, dripping
Ennius:Ann_71 to both genders, as in Ennius - Suddenly a she-wolf big
Ennius:Ann_* 75-80 * battle, to fight. Ennius - Some hurled stones in play and
Ennius:Ann_102 with your life-blood.' Ennius in the first book - Neithe
Ennius:Ann_* 106-108 * mpeted in running races; Ennius bears witness to this fact
Ennius:Ann_* 111-114 * lia's prayer : GELLIUS : Ennius also in the first book of
Ennius:Ann_117 just king, then even as Ennius says, after the passing
Ennius:Ann_* 122-127 * plural form, for example Ennius in the second book - And
Ennius:Ann_* 130-132 * instead of mihi, as does Ennius when he says in the second
Ennius:Ann_* 139-145 * noun. . . . But Ennius, arraigned on a like charge of
Ennius:Ann_* 148-157 * Latin textrina. Ennius - for them too the plain holds
Ennius:Ann_160 ilius, Aen_7'520]. Ennius in the third book - After they
Ennius:Ann_* 163-167 * the third book of Ennius' Annales this line - Then she
Ennius:Ann_* 170-174 * until nightfall; whence Ennius also says - The dead of
Ennius:Ann_* 177-181 * ounds: 'alluring.' Ennius - and a better ship than such
Ennius:Ann_* 194-198 * famous thoughts which Ennius set forth in poetry - Whit
Ennius:Ann_* 203-207 * mplishments. . . . Ennius in the sixth book - The skilled
Ennius:Ann_210 iption and definition by Ennius in the seventh book of the
Ennius:Ann_229 my words ? [229-30] & Ennius alludes to his tale of his
Ennius:Ann_231 his poet [Naevius], whom Ennius counts among the seers and
Ennius:Ann_* 235-241 * since it was allowed to Ennius, when he scorned the old
Ennius:Ann_245 onsa. By this word Ennius, when he says in the seventh boo
Ennius:Ann_* 249-262 * a hunting-spear. Ennius - The Illyrians stood fast and
Ennius:Ann_* 270-272 * [270] GELLIUS : Quintus Ennius does not appear to have
Ennius:Ann_* 281-284 * of iron comes thick.' Ennius in the eighth book - The
Ennius:Ann_* 287-296 * uartum and quarto. Ennius rightly has quartum in - Quintus
Ennius:Ann_300 ollowing is a passage in Ennius' work, in the ninth book,
Ennius:Ann_306 quivalent ; for example, Ennius when he says - Trembled
Ennius:Ann_312 abundantem . . . Ennius in the ninth book of the Annales
Ennius:Ann_* 315-317 * to Hannibal ? : PRISCIANUS : Ennius ... in the ninth boo
Ennius:Ann_* 322-326 * fore is the form used by Ennius in these verses - Go on
Ennius:Ann_332 [Aen_4'482] . . . Ennius in the tenth book - And then the
Ennius:Ann_346 That quippe means quidni Ennius is a witness in the eleven
Ennius:Ann_349 riors ? No.' [Aen_7'295] Ennius, when he was speaking abou
Ennius:Ann_* 358-360 * ispane is a form used by Ennius in a book of the Annales
Ennius:Ann_363 Varro has recorded that Ennius, in his sixty-seventh year
Ennius:Ann_366 (193 B.C.) : GELLIUS : Ennius used cor, said Caesellius,
Ennius:Ann_* 369-375 * region. For, as Ennius says - and he stretched a bridge
Ennius:Ann_380 strange here. But Ennius too in the fourteenth book has
Ennius:Ann_* 385-393 * ilt [385-6] PRISCIANUS : Ennius in the fifteenth book of
Ennius:Ann_397 prefixed. . . . Ennius in the sixteenth book has spexit
Ennius:Ann_401 and star-lit heaven.' Ennius had said before in his six
Ennius:Ann_403 in the sixteenth book Ennius - Here in ambush they keep
Ennius:Ann_406 und : FESTUS : The same [Ennius], when he says sapsa inste
Ennius:Ann_409 hurt." This passage Ennius in the sixteenth book tran
Ennius:Ann_* 417-430 * him' [Aen_10'488]. Ennius in the sixteenth book - He tumbl
Ennius:Ann_433 and all,' . . . Ennius in the seventeenth book - Uproar
Ennius:Ann_* 439-443 * raight line. . . . Ennius in the eighteenth book, for 'to
Ennius:Ann_* 446-464 * FESTUS : Restat. Ennius is stated to use this word for
Ennius:Ann_* 467-517 * first quoted the line of Ennius where that poet had writte
Ennius:Ann_* 522-526 * CHARISIUS : When Ennius says celerissimus - goes like
Ennius:Ann_* 529-565 * the Annales of Quintus Ennius (unless, in giving this
Hieron:Chron_king first he was an associate of Ennius. He died in the year
Hieron:Chron_1777 [not in Ar.] The poet Quintus Ennius was born at Tarentum
Hieron:Chron_1849 in Ar.] The poet Ennius died of a disease of the joints,
Hieron:Chron_1863 the maternal grandson of Ennius, and earned a living at
Naev:Pun_2 fall of Troy : PROBUS : Ennius takes Anchises as being
Naev:Pun_19 pplemented : Naevius and Ennius record that Romulus, the
Plinius:Ep_5.3 elius Nepos, and to Attius and Ennius, who should perhaps

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