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  Vibius   - a Roman who bore a close resemblance to Pompeius
48/55 Vibius and Publicius both closely resemble Pompeius in appearance.

  Vibius   - in documents
CIL_1.31 Bicoleius, freedman of Vibius, bestowed this gift de
CIL_1.1627 et. Before 80 B.C. Vibius Popidius, quaestor, son of E
CIL_1.1793 Pettius Gemellus son of Vibius, and Lucius Tattius C
CIL_1.1806 Salvius Aiopius son of Vibius superintended the cons
CIL_1.2519 of Marcus, and Quintus Vibius Simus freedman of Quin
CIL_1.2661 Titulenos son of Vibius, overseers, superintended the
CIL_1.2822 nius, son of Lucius, and Kaeso Vibius, son of Kaeso. C
CIL_1.382 From Picenum. To Vibius Avilius son of Vibius, and V
CIL_1.386 Burtius, son of Vibius, bestowed this as a gift des
CIL_1.389 Statius Staiedius, Vibius Salviedius, and Petro Pac
CIL_1.400 Retus Vedus . . . Vibius Autrodius, son of Gaius, Spu
CIL_1.674 erius . . . son of Vibius Marcus Vibius Rufus, son of
CIL_1.675 us, son of Gaius Quintus Vibius, son of Marcus Marcus
CIL_1.683 freedman of Aulus Aulus Vibius Diogenes, freedman of
CIL_1.808 and workmen, with Titus Vibius Temudinus, quaestor of
SelPap_1.119 home salute you. Vibius has gone off to Psenuris to
SelPap_2.220 Proclamation of Gaius Vibius Maximus, prae
SelPap_2.401 2 of the consulship of Vibius and Varus ; 9 volun

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Vibiussee Paciacus

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