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  Patron   - head of the Epicurean school of philosophy, 1st century B.C.
69/8 Patron succeeds Phaedrus as head of the Epicurean school.

  Patron   - in documents
OGIS_44 (c. 266-260)   wns Patroklos [son of Patron] with a golden crow
OGIS_45 (266-262)   edonia, the son of Patron, who was sent as general
PCairZen_59019 way. Know too that Patron was not willing to take Apolloph
SelPap_1.45 nus, ex-cosmetes, son of Patron ex-gymnasiarch, aged a
SelPap_2.343 all other public works, Patron, without patronymic,
Syll_479 (264/3 or 256/5)   ion of Delphi, son of Patron, both to himself an
Syll_610 (190)   Agelaos of Naupaktos Patron of Tolophon Polemar
Syll_660 (c. 161/0)   Aigeira, the sons of Patron, after coming to us

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