Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 610


Greek text:   Sylloge_610 , SEG_27.123
Date:     190 B.C.
Tags:     land_ownership
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription provides full details of the land grants, which were confirmed in the letter of Acilius ( Syll_609 ). Part C of the inscription was discovered more recently, and was published in 1977 by J-P.Michaud, "Nouvelle inscription de la base de M' Acilius" ( Persée ).   There is a thorough discussion by D.Rousset, "Le territoire de Delphes et la terre d'Apollon", no. 41, pp.250-269 (not available online).

[A] The properties donated to the god and the city:

In Hypopleistia. The properties of:

In Lipara. The properties of:

In Tatheia. The property of:

In Bassa. The property of:

In Aithea. The properties of:

In Nateia. The properties of:

In Andreia. The property of:

[B] The houses which he donated to the god and the [city].

The houses of:

[C] The houses of:

[This was the decision of Manius Acilius], the general [and consul of the Romans: the property] which the Romans [took from . . .] of Herakleia [was added by] Manius Acilius, the general [and consul] of [the Romans], 40 to the [territory] of Pythian Apollo.

Manius Acilius, the general and consul of the Romans, assigned the following properties, which were held by the Aetolians, to the god and the city as precincts of Pythian Apollo.

The properties of:

The care of the land dedicated by Tlepolemos of Lycia, the son of Artapatos, for the supply of oil, comprising the land in Hypopleistia that he bought from Archippos and the land in Bassa that he bought from Stratippos, was assigned by Manius Acilius, 60 the general and consul of the Romans, to the city of Delphi.

He gave the [two] houses of Patronis of Amphissa for the supply of oil . . .

inscription 611

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