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  Numerius   - in documents
71/39 an inscription in honour of Numerius and M.Cloatius, from Gytheium
    Within translations:
CIL_10.6104 Flora, the freedwoman of Numerius, who was most obed
CIL_1.3 Manius made me for Numasios {= Numerius}. Toilet-cask
CIL_1.60 B.C. I, Orcevia, Numerius' wife, gave this for my pe
CIL_1.1299 care. CIL_1 .1299 Latin Text Numerius Decumius. On s
CIL_1.1614 arcus Caedicius son of Marcus, Numerius Andripius, so
CIL_1.1618 tius, freedman of Lucius Numerius Fafinius, son of Num
CIL_1.1644 [ii] Numerius Barcha, a fine man; I ap
CIL_1.1672 .1672 [iv] Numerius Veius, a fine man; s
CIL_1.1763 Pomponius, son of Numerius, bestowed this as a gif
CIL_1.1764 Guest. Titus Staiodius, son of Numerius. On wine-jar
CIL_1.2504 Marcus Cottius, son of Numerius Gnaeus Tutorius, so
CIL_1.2513 CIL_1 .2513 Quintus Numerius. Found at Ut
CIL_1.2685 Dosithea, slave-woman of Numerius Calidius Stolia, sla
CIL_1.2689 nius Philocles, slave of Numerius Furius Philomusus, s
CIL_1.674 B.C. . . . Gaius Maius, son of Numerius . . . son of V
CIL_1.682 der, freedman of Publius Numerius Munnius Antiochus, f
CIL_1.685 ated? . . . . . . Faber son of Numerius . . . sius so
CIL_1.698 ny, in the magistracy of Numerius Fufidius, son of Num

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