Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 640


Greek text:   IG_2².903
Date:     c. 175/4 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

There is a the commentary on this inscription by P.Gauthier, " Les villes athéniennes et un décret pour un commerçant, IG.I2.903" ( REG, 1982 - Persée ), with some suggested improvements to the text.

Gods. As proposed by Kallimachos of Paiania, the son of Kallimachos: since . . ., who was involved in trade by sea, wished to [increase] the revenues of the people [as far as he could]; and in the year when [. . . was archon], he sailed to the Peiraieus and gave corn [to the city at a cheap price], and in the year when Hippakos was archon, he bought up one thousand five hundred metretai [of olive oil from abroad], so that he could [export it] to the Pontic Sea, and there exchange it for a cargo [of corn to bring back to the] Peiraieus; but while he was staying in the cities, he saw [the existing shortage] of olive oil caused by the dearth in the land, [and because he wished in every] way as far as he was able to show [his goodwill towards the people], he hastened to bring the oil that he had bought up [into the corn market]; and after it had been removed from the market, [the corn buyers from . . . approached] him and asked him to provide [the oil and offered him a larger] price than what had been . . . by him . . . he did [not] venture to hand over the oil to them . . .

inscription 641

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