Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 587


Greek text:   IG_12.8.640
Date:     c. 196 B.C.
Tags:     buildings
Format:   see key to translations

Dittenberger suggested that it was necessary to rebuild the temple of Athena at Peparethos, because of damage sustained when king Philippos destroyed the city ( Liv_31.28'6 ). After the defeat of the Macedonians, Peparethos became an independent state.

Dionysodoros put it to the vote, as proposed by Euathlos: since Philoxenos of Athens, the son of Philoxenos, has continually acted nobly and shown goodwill towards our city, and has provided assistance both publicly and privately to those citizens who requested it; and after contracting to build the temple of Athena in a new location, in many matters concerning the work he conducted himself in a manner beneficial to the city, and he completed the work acceptably according to the contract; and he has undertaken along with the architect to move the base and the statue, and he has set them up in the new temple out of his own resources, and he has moved and reconstructed the altar as the people requested; therefore, so that our people may be seen to be grateful and to honour good men and to provide rewards which are appropriate to the services that have been rendered to it, it is resolved by the council and the people of Peparethos to praise Philoxenos of Athens, the son of Philoxenos, and to grant him the status of proxenos and benefactor of our city, both for himself and for his descendants; and the right to own land and buildings; and priority in receiving justice, without the need to pay a deposit of a tenth; and privileged seating at the games that the city holds; and priority in access to the council and the people, second only to sacred matters and the Romans; and security both in war and in peacetime; and the other privileges that are granted by law to other proxenoi; and to crown him with the traditional wreath of the god's ivy; and to announce the award of the crown at the Dionysia on the day of the tragedians. The archons in office for the year shall invite him to hospitality at the public hearth in the prytaneion. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele, and placed in the pronaos of Athena Polias.

inscription 588

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