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  Statius   (P. Papinius Statius) - Latin poet, 1st century A.D
Wikipedia entry
Ennius:Ann_480 away, his horn empty' in Statius [Theb_6'27] : Sleep is
Ennius:Ann_499 sts. [499-500] LACTANTIUS , on Statius . . . 'then his chi

  Statius   - in documents
CIL_1.1473 of Lucius, and Lucius Statius son of Salvius, mem
CIL_1.1793 at Prezza. Lucius Statius Chilo son of Gnaeus, Lucius
CIL_* 1.2135-2138 * (?) Popius son of Statius bestowed this as a gift des
CIL_1.2374 ius Quintius Au. (?), slave of Statius. CIL_1 .2375 L
CIL_1.2689 Afrio, slave of Gaius Statius & Marcus Statius
CIL_1.377 atin Text To Feronia, given by Statius Tettius. CIL_1
CIL_1.387 Salvius Flavius and Statius Flavius. On st
CIL_1.389 found at Trasacco. Statius Staiedius, Vibius Salvied
CIL_1.677 Marcus, baker Publius Statius, freedman of Publius
CIL_1.683 eedman of Marcus Publius Statius Philemon, freedman of
CIL_1.685 . . sius son of Statius Marcus Fisius son of Gaius

Statiussee Caecilius2

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