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  Marcius   - an ancient Roman seer
212/14 The prophecies of Marcius are discovered, leading to the introduction
Plin:HN_7.119   men, Melampus in Greece and Marcius at Rome.

  Marcius 2   - a Roman officer in Spain, during the Second Punic War
211/16 survivors in Spain, led by L.Marcius, defeat Hasdrubal son of Gisgo
206/9 Scipio captures Iliturgi and Castulo, while Marcius captures Astapa.
206/21 Marcius agrees a treaty with the inhabitants of Gades.
Plin:HN_35.14   with them: at all events Marcius, who took vengeance for the
ValMax_1.6.2   upon the head of Lucius Marcius, captain of the two armies,
ValMax_2.7.15   their military discipline. L. Marcius, a military tribune having
ValMax_8.15.11   unusual honour granted to L. Marcius is most outstanding. The two

  Marcius 3   - suffect consul, 36 B.C.
FastCap_p80 . . . Nerva - resigned , . . Marcius . . . - elected in

  Marcius   - in documents
SelPap_2.355 the imperial procurator Marcius Salutaris and of the

Marciussee Ancus

Marciussee Censorinus

Marciussee Figulus

Marciussee Philippus

Marciussee Rex

Marciussee Rutilus

Marciussee Tremulus

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