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  Censorinus   (C. Marcius Rutilus Censorinus) - Roman consul, 310 B.C.
  + Marcius
310/16 Marcius captures Allifae.
310/23 drawn battle between Marcius' army and the Samnites.
293/18 The censors P.Cornelius and C.Marcius complete the census.
265/25 Censorinus is elected censor for the second time.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p48   was afterwards called Censorinus [309] & In this year
FastCap_p50   (who was later called Censorinus) - they completed the
FastCap_p54   (who was given the name Censorinus while holding this off
ValMax_4.1.3   moderation was Marcius Rutilus Censorinus. For being a second

  Censorinus 2   (L. Marcius Censorinus) - Roman consul, 149 B.C.
  + Marcius
149/_ Consuls: L. Marcius C.f. Censorinus, M'. Manilius P.f.
149/23 Censorinus returns to Rome.
146/8 The censors, Lentulus and Censorinus, complete the census of Roman
    Within translations:
Cic:Acad_2.102   subjects to the Lucius Censorinus who was Manius Manilius's
Cic:Brut_61   in the consulship of Lucius Marcius and M. Manilius [14
Cic:Brut_106   ibery; which he did when Censorinus and Manilius were cons
FastCap_p70   [149] & L. Marcius C.f. C.n. Censorinus , M'. Manilius
Oros_4.22   in the consulship of L. Censorinus and M. Manilius 149 B.C.
ValMax_6.9.10   created censor with L. Censorinus. Thus Fortune shuffled him

  Censorinus 3   (C. Marcius Censorinus) - an associate of Cinna and Carbo
  + Marcius
92/6 Censorinus attempts to prosecutes Sulla for extortion, but fails
87/37 Octavius is murdered by Censorinus, an associate of Cinna.
82/11 Pompeius defeats Marcius at Senae.
82/23 arinas near Spoletium, and then ambushes a detachment under Marcius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_237 guish himself.- C. Censorinus had a good stock of Greek
Cic:Brut_311 but we lost Pomponius, Censorinus, and Murena, from the

  Censorinus 5   (L. Marcius Censorinus) - Roman consul, 39 B.C.
39/_ Consuls: L. Marcius L.f. Censorinus , C. Calvisius C.f. Sabinus
39/1 The triumph of Censorinus, from Macedonia.
    Within translations:
ExcBarb_49B spus Octavius and Pollio Censorinus and Sabinus Pulcher
FastTr_p109 Marcius L.f. C.n. Censorinus, consul, & from Macedonia,
NicDam_130.96 Calvisius Sabinus and Censorinus; but these also, thoug

  Censorinus 6   (C. Marcius Censorinus) - Roman consul, 8 B.C.
ExcBarb_50B mus Aruntius and Priscus Censorinus and Gallio Nero and

  Censorinus 7   - a Roman admiral in the war against Mithridates
Memn_37 nippus. Meanwhile Censorinus, the Roman admiral in comman

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