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  Malchus   - tutor of Antiochus VI, king of Syria
Joseph:AJ_13.131 Demetrius, and went to Malchus the Arabian, who brought
Joseph:AJ_13.132 his father. [132] Malchus at the first opposed him in thi

  Malchus 2   - king of the Arabs, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.370 rtakings; for he went to Malchus, king of Arabia, whom he
Joseph:AJ_14.372 ere came messengers from Malchus to meet him, by whom he
Joseph:AJ_14.375 ther. [375] Though Malchus soon repented of what he had
Joseph:AJ_14.390 for he had heard that Malchus repented of the offences
Joseph:BJ_01.276 [276] for their king, Malchus, sent to him immediately,
Joseph:BJ_01.286 ecause he had heard that Malchus repented of his offences
Joseph:BJ_01.360 ured to have Herodes and Malchus, the kings of both those
Joseph:BJ_1.440 was slain, as well as Malchus the Arabian; for his fea

  Malchus 3   - a Carthaginian general, 6th century B.C.
Just_18.7 sentenced their general Malchus, under whose conduct they

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