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  Leptines   of Syracuse - Sicilian general, brother of Dionysius I
Wikipedia entry
Polyaen_5.8.1 also: Diodorus, 13.87] [8] Leptines. The Carthaginians
Polyaen_5.8.2 rontinus, Str.2.5.11] Leptines, after sailing from Lace
Polyaen_6.16.1 onysius, against the advice of Leptines, agreed to their

  Leptines 2   - a general of Agathocles
307/20 Leptines defeats Xenodocus, and puts an end to the revolt by Acragas.

  Leptines 3   - a contemporary of the philosopher Chrysippus, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.201 oyment of Reason, addressed to Leptines. The second set

  Leptines   - in documents
AnthPal_12.93 turn to look on Leptines you shall no more move your
PCairZen_59225 ishes. The sons of Leptines, Nikandros and Myrikon, have
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   Sikyon, the son of Leptines ; Moschos of Sikyon

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