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  Atum   - an Egyptian god
Wikipedia entry
AET_1.9.B   The primordial gods made the Atum and created all good things
AET_1.10.colophon   of Meḥyet; Prophet of Atum lord of Diospolis Parva:
AET_1.11   you shine for us like Atum ; gods and men live
AET_4.9.C   mouth is the mouth of Atûm, Lord of life and of
AET_4.19.A   of Tanis,   Priest of Atum within his City,   Priest
AET_5.1   you rest in it as Atum !  I received good things. 
AET_5.6   father and prophet of Atum, Wahibrêemakhet, possessor of imakh
AET_5.7.A   Says Atum, the lord of the lands
AET_8.16   King of the Gods, whom Atum himself has chosen. King of
AET_9.2.D   Lord of the House of Atum, this god, a Buchis the
AET_9.2.E   Lord of the House of Atum On this day, the second
THI_251   (29)   t God, Lord of the House of Atum. On this day, the
THI_258   (c. 264)   rnally; who worships Atum the great living god of

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