Ancient Egyptian Texts:  9.5


Text:   P. Merton Dem. 1 
Date:   141 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Translated by:   S. R. K. Glanville
Format:   see key to translations

Often the appointment of a priest, in Egypt as elsewhere in the Hellenistic world, was dependant on him paying a suitable fee; but in this case the process was more thorough, involving a full meeting of the council of the temple. The translation is taken from S.R.K. Glanville, "The Admission of a Priest of Soknebtynis in the Second Century B.C." (JEA, 1933).

The registration (?) namely by the priests of Suchos, Lord of Tebtunis, and the Brother-loving Gods, the Beneficent Gods, the Father-loving Gods, the Manifest Gods, the God who honours his Father { Eupator }, the Mother-loving Gods, and the Beneficent Gods {II}: there were assembled the priests of Suchos, Lord of Tebtunis in the Court of the House {temple}  to take counsel with (?) Suchos, Lord of Tebtunis, and? Petosiris son of Petosiris concerning the records of the priests of Soknebtynis; they saying together {i.e. with one accord}: 

We are agreed upon Pakhes son of Paapis, that he shall be a wḏ priest of Soknebtynis. Year 29, Tobi 5, in the name of the priests: 

Written by Petosiris son of Petosiris who keeps the records of the priests. 

{docket:}   . . . Pakhes son of Paapis . . .

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