Ancient Egyptian Texts

The extensive collection of ancient Egyptian texts, which used to be available on the website, is gradually being copied to here. The texts that have been transferred so far, all belonging to the 4th century B.C. or later, are listed below.

Mythology, hymns, magical writings

•   The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden (3rd century A.D.)   - translated by F. Ll. Griffith, 1904

•   The Famine Stela (Ptolemaic Period)   - translated by M. Lichtheim, G. Roeder, 1923

•   Fragment of a Demotic dreambook (Roman Period)   - After the transcription and German translation on the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae website

Teachings, instructions, 'wisdom' literature

•   Demotic papyrus of moral precepts (Ptolemaic Period)   - T. Deveria

Biographies, memorials

•   The biographical inscription of Petosiris (4th century B.C.)   - M. Lichtheim

•   The inscription of Hor-nefer (c. 300 B.C.)   - H. Wild

Documents, records, and letters concerning legal, economic, and personal matters

•   The Naukratis Decree (380 B.C.)   - G. Maspero; M. Lichtheim

•   The Demotic Legal Code of Hermopolis West: Annuity and inheritance laws (Ptolemaic Period)   - Girgis Mattha

•   A taxcollectors' oath (Ptolemaic Period)

•   Procès verbal from the Ptolemaic Period   - Herbert Thompson

•   Marriage contracts (Graeco-Roman Period)

•   Allotment of crown lands to soldiers and their rents in Ptolemaic times   - Herbert Thompson

•   Documents concerning Ptolemaic religious associations

•   Demotic papyri relating to economic aspects of religious life in the Ptolemaic Period   - Herbert Thompson

•   Graeco-Roman tax-receipts   - Sten V. Wangstedt

Historical, political writings, official accounts, decrees

•   Decree of the satrap Ptolemy Lagides (Ptolemaic Period)   - S. M. Drach

•   The Great Mendes Stela (Ptolemaic Period)   - S. Birch

•   The Canopus Decree (Ptolemaic Period)   - S. Birch

•   The Greek section of the Rosetta Stone (Ptolemaic Period)

•   Translations of the Greek and demotic sections of the Rosetta Stone (Ptolemaic Period)

•   Decrees of King Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II, 28th April 118 B.C.

•   The potter's oracle (Ptolemaic Period)


•   The last funerary stela of a Buchis bull (340 A.D.)   - After Jean-Claude Grenier

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