Ancient Egyptian Texts:  4.3


Text:   Louvre A 90
Date:   589-570 B.C.
Language:   Hieroglyphic
Translated by:   J.H. Breasted
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////// as his lord /// his equal; whom his majesty appointed to a very great office, the office of his eldest son, governor of the Door of the Southern Countries, to repel the countries that rebel against him. When he hath spread the fear of him in the southern countries, they flee into the valleys for fear of him. Who did not [relax [vigilance in] (?)] seeking benefits for his lord; honored of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Apries (Haa-ib-ra), favored by the son of Re, Wahibre (wAH-jb-ra), Nesuhor, whose beautiful name is Ib-Psamtik-menekh ("The-Heart-of-Psamtik-is-Excellent"), son of Ifrer (jwfrr), born of the mistress, Tesenethor (tA-sn.t-Hr), triumphant. - -his eldest son: Thutmose I (c.1527-1515 BCE) created the office of King's Son of Kush, the viceroy who governed Nubia, who was not a son of the king. That office became obsolete when Egypt lost Nubia.
-Door of the Southern Countries: Elephantine
-Apries: Wahibre (587-569 BCE) who was deposed by Ahmose II
He says: "O lord of might! Fashioner of gods and men! Khnum, lord of the Cataract, Satet, and Anuket, mistress(es) of Elephantine! I rejoice in your names, I praise your beauty. I am free from laxity in doing that which you desire; I fill my heart with you in every design which I carry out. May my ka be remembered because of that which I have done in your house. -cataract: the first cataract at Aswan, the natural frontier of Egypt.
-house: temple
I have splendidly equipped your temple with vessels of silver; numerous cattle, ducks, and geese; I have made secure their maintenance by (an endowment of) lands, as well as (that of) their custodian forever and ever. I built their shelters in your city. I gave very fine wine of the Southern Oasis, spelt and honey into your storehouses, which I built anew in the great name of his majesty. I gave illuminating oil for lighting the lamps of your temple. I appointed weavers, maidservants and launderers for the august wardrobe of the great god and his divine ennead. I built their quarters in his temple, established forever by decree of the Good God, Lord of the Two Lands, Apries, living forever. -the Southern Oasis: the oasis of Dakhel, mentioned also in Osorkon I's record of temple gifts as a source of wine: His tribute is (the oases of) Dakhel and Kargeh, being wine and shedeh
-illuminating oil: the best lamp oil available to the Egyptians was castor oil.
-august wardrobe of the great god: statues were not just painted, but also clothed. They were not images of the god but the god himself who had to be fed, housed and dressed.
-Good God: title of the king.
Remember ye him in whose heart was the beautification of your house, (even) Nesuhor, whose name is abiding in the mouth of the citizens; as a reward for (all) this. Let my name abide in your house, let my ka be remembered after my life, let my statue abide and my name endure upon it imperishably in your temple. -whose name is abiding: on the importance of the perpetuation of one's name
For ye rescued me from an evil plight, from the mercenaries [Libyans (?)], Greeks, Asiatics, and foreigners, who had it in their hearts to ///, who had it in their hearts to go to Shas-heret (SAjs-Hr.t). His majesty feared because of the evil which they did. I re-established their heart in reason by advice, not permitting them to go to Nubia (tA-pd.t), (but) bringing them to the place where his majesty was; and his majesty executed their [punishment (?)].
Hereditary prince, count, wearer of the royal seal, beloved sole companion, great in his office, grand in his rank, official at the head of the people, governor of the Door of the Southern Countries.

J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, §§ 990-995

-mercenaries: on the mercenaries of the 26th dynasty see Desertion and revolt of a discontented army.
-Shas-heret: in Nubia

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