Ancient Egyptian Texts:  9.9


Text:   ANAsh.Mus.D.O.633 ,   O. Athribis 17-36-5/1741 (outer side)
Provenance:   Athribis
Date:   (A) April 44 B.C. ,   (B) Oct. 27 B.C.
Script:   Hieratic / Demotic
Translated by:   M. Escolano-Poveda
Format:   see key to translations

These are the earliest horoscopes to have been found in Egypt. The dates shown are the dates of birth of the two individuals, but the date of writing was probably slightly later, about the middle of the reign of the emperor Augustus. Thus they are quite close in time to the presumed date of the Dendera Zodiac.The translations are taken from M. Escolano-Poveda, "Astrologica athribitana: Four demotic-hieratic horoscopes from Athribis" ( PDF ), which should be consulted for an explanation of the meaning of the horoscopes.

[A]   Year 8 of the Queen, fourth month of Peret {Pharmouthi}, day 22, seventh hour of the day
Sun in Taurus 4°, Terms of Venus
Moon in Gemini 20° 30', Terms of Mars;
Libra 6°, Terms of Saturn
Year 13, first, he adds
Saturn in Sagittarius, his own Terms {i.e. of Saturn}, he kills
[Jupiter] in Aquarius 4°, Terms of Mercury, he adds
[Mars] in Pisces 19°, Terms of Mercury, he adds
[Venus in Taurus] 7°, his own Terms {i.e. of Venus}, he adds
[Mercury in ] 10°, Terms of Venus, he adds
[Ascendant in Leo 19°; Descendant in] Aquarius 19°;
Lake of the Sky in Taurus [17°; Lake of the Duat in Scorpio 17°];
[Provision of Life in Virgo; Brother in] Pisces; Good Fate [in Cancer];
[Bad Fate in Capricorn]; Life in Aries; [Death in] Libra;
Good Daimon in Pisces; Bad Daimon in Virgo.
Kolanthes . . . {place}

[B]   Year 4, third month of Akhet {Hathyr}, day 4, eighth hour of the day
Sun in Scorpio 1.°
Moon in Libra 28°, Terms of Venus;
Taurus 6° Terms of Venus.
Year 5, second, 'he kills'
Saturn in Leo 8°, Terms of Venus, he adds
Jupiter in Leo 4°, his own Terms {i.e. of Jupiter}, he adds
Mars in Cancer 28°, Terms of Saturn
Venus in Scorpio 22°, Terms of Jupiter, he adds
Mercury in Libra 26°, Terms of Venus, he adds
[Ascendant in] Pisces '10°'; Descendant in Virgo '10°';
Lake of the Sky in Sagittarius 8°; Lake of the Duat in Gemini 8°;
Provision of Life in] Aries; Brother in Libra;
Good Fate in Aquarius; Bad Fate in Leo;
[Life in Scorpio;] Death in Taurus;
Good Daimon in Libra; Bad Daimon in Aries
Tsenpelilis, daughter of Kolanthes (?), Athribis.

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