Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 141


Greek text:   Brunšmid 2-14
Date:     c. 300-250 B.C.
Tags:     colonies
Format:   see key to translations

This is said to be the oldest inscription that has been found in Croatia, where it is known as the Lumbarda Psephisma. It was dated by Sylloge³ to around 385 B.C., but it is now thought to have been about a century later. An additional fragment of the inscription was discovered in 2018 ( total croatia news ), and has not yet been published.

The translation of the first part of the inscription is taken from N. Cahill, "Household and City Organization at Olynthus", pp.219-221 ( Google Books ).   For a summary of what is known about the colony at 'Black Corcyra', see M.H. Hansen & T.H. Nielsen, "An Inventory of Archaic and Classical Poleis", p. 333 ( Google Books ).

With good fortune. When Praxidamos was recorder {hieromnemon}, in the month of  Ma[chaneus, an agreement] of the [oikists] of Issa and of Pyllos and his son Dazos. [The oikists wrote] this up and the people decreed it.

The first colonists [who took possession of the] land and who fortified the city will take by choice:

The magistrates shall write up [ (?) their names as] each colonist was allotted. One and a half plethra of land shall be inalienable, for them and [for their offspring].

Those who come later shall receive:

The [magistrates shall swear never] to make a redistribution of the city or of the territory [in any way. If a magistrate] proposes or a private citizen advocates anything contrary to what [has been decreed, let him be deprived of civic rights, and his property] confiscated, and [whoever kills him will go] unpunished . . .  

. . . [if] it is resolved by [the] people.

These people took possession of the country [and fortified] the city:

Tribe of [Dyma]nes : 
Archelaos son of Mesodamos
20 Damatrios son of Aristarchos
Dionysios son of Deinarchos
(?) Phanaios son of Zoilos
(?) Theotimos son of Phinton
Antallos son of Aristarchos
...olthon son of Theotimos
Antallos son of Sopatros
Eukles son of Sosios
Metrikon son of Aristen
Zoilos son of Phanaios
30 (?) Aristarchos son of Themistios
...tios son of Tyros
...chron son of Aristen
. . . son of Artemidoros
Nikandros son of Dionysios
Orthon son of Klearchos
Euxenos son of Philon
...les son of Doros
. . . son of Stratippos
...on son of Nikasion
40 . . . son of Sthenon
(?) Antallos son of Aristen
...on son of Aristen son of Antimachos
...ios son of Lysikrates
. . . son of Doros
. . . son of Metrikon 
...tros son of Themistios
. . . son of Pantikles
...os son of Esthlagoras
50 [Mnaste]r  son of Damatrios
. . . son of Apollodoros
Herakleidas son of Dionysios
Eukles son of Xeniskos
Agesianax  son of Themistios
Sestos son of Ileas
Zoilos son of Sopatros
Euxenos son of Anthippos
Kallisthenes son of Nikandros
Antheus son of Poseidaios
60 Theodotos son of Herakleidas
Athenagoras son of Kleomelos
Theodoros son of Klearchos
Sosandros son of Aristoxenos
(?) Aristion son of Aristarchos
Aristomachos son of Xeniskos
*  *  *
Tribe of [Hylleis] : 
Herakleidas son of Theotimos
20 Psyll... son of (?) Xeniskos
Apollodoros son of Kothon
Teles... son of ...os
Aristarchos son of Philokrates
Somn... son of (?) Herakleidas
Kallimachos son of Aristen
Dionysios son of Aristen
Theodoros son of ...os
Nikarchos . . .
Ariston son of Aristokles
30 Xenokrates son of Aischrion
Aglotrophes son of ...otos
Protagoras son of Philon
Protarchos son of Zoilos
Kleodikos son of Mnaster
Archebios son of Dionysios
Philiarchos son of (?) Diokleas
Antallos son of Menekrates
Apollodoros son of Poseidaios
Protarchos son of Aischrion
40 Thrasymachos son of Euarchos
Kokkalos son of Euarchos
Simias son of Kallen
Kallias son of Protarchos
Noumenios son of Dionysios
Zoilos son of Protes
Philikos son of Zoilos
Dionysios son of Eubatos
Aglotrophes son of Mnaster
Kleainetos son of Herakleidas
50 Euboulos son of Philotas
Python son of Philostratos
Eukles son of Euboulidas
Aristen son of Alexippos
Mnesipolis son of Akousilas
Phinton son of Sosthenes
Philokrates son of Samos
Aglotrophes son of Daphnaios
Zenon son of Zopyros
Hippodamos son of Menetidas
60 Doros son of Leon
Zoilos son of (?) Diokleas
Dionysios . . . 
Phinton son of D...
Mikon son of Atha...
Kleostratos . . .
Heloris . . .
Kle... . . . 
* * *
Tribe of Pamphyloi : 
Onasimos son of Kephalos
20 Boulagoras son of Phileas
Sallas son of Philon
Aischinas son of Sallas
Pantheidas son of Herakleidas
Kallimachidas son of Onasimos
Antipatros son of Sallas
Orthon son of Philiarchos
Lysanias son of Xenotimos
Sosandros son of Mikylos
Sosimachos son of Boulagoras
30 Onasilas son of Diophantos
Kleustratos son of Kleomelos
Nikanor  son of Nikon
Orthon son of Nikon
Agelochos son of Theodoros
Dorikles son of Daphnaios
Zephyros son of Damatrios
Nautor son of Sibalis
Sonylos son of Menyllos
. . .
40 . . .
. . .
Ath... . . .
Xena... . . .
Telamidas (?) . . . 
Choirilos son of Kl...
Nikarchos son of Damatrios (?)
Herakleidas son of D...
Sitalkes son of Aristen (?)
Heroidas son of Boulagoras
50 Dionysios . . .
Aischylos . . .
Dionysios . . .
Tima... . . .
* * *

{ Traces of other names have survived; originally there must have been at least 200-300 names in the list of colonists. }

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