Select Papyri, 2.364


Greek text:   PStrassb 46
Date:   A.D. 566.

In the 1st year of the reign of our most godlike master Flavius Justinus the eternal Augustus and Imperator, the 25th year after the consulship of the most honourable Flavius Basilius, Phamenoth 21, . . . To the administration of the market through you, Philemon, chief assistant at Antinoe, from Flavius Sarapammon also called Colluthus, of Antinoe. I acknowledge voluntarily and of my own accord that I accept at your hands the charge of and responsibility for Aurelius . . ., sausage-maker, of Antinoe, engaging that he shall remain here in Antinoe pursuing his trade of sausage-making without fault, and shall devote himself to it from the holy Easter day of the present 14th indiction to the time of taking over in the (D.V.) 15th indiction, and shall in no circumstances leave his work. If he should leave his work, and I shall fail to bring him when he is wanted and deliver him to you in a public place, debarred from the protection of sacred precincts and sacred images and Sundays and holidays, I as his surety will pay you for his evasion 1 gold solidus . This deed of surety is valid and guaranteed, and in answer to the formal question I have given my assent on every point.

{Signed}   I, Flavius Sarapammon also called Colluthus, accept the charge and I agree to everything as aforesaid. I, Aurelius Stephanus son of Horus . . ., of Antinoe, wrote for him by request, as he is illiterate

{Subscribed}   Executed by me, Cosmas, private notary.

papyrus 365

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